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40 Beautiful Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas from top designers

Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas
Are you looking for some christmas cake decoration ideas, we are glad you stopped by to check out our sample cake ideas for your inspiration. No meal is complete without a desert and what is a christmas feast, without it's special cakes. Christmas cake recipes are passed down by many generations and it's usually a fruit cake, where...
Christmas19 Dec 2018
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50 Best Christmas Greeting Card Designs from top designers

Christmas Greetings
Take a look at 30 awesome christmas greeting card designs. Wish your friends and loved ones with these beautiful merry christmas greetings. It's the time of the year to be jolly and giving. You don't have to give really pricey items, a simple christmas greeting will bring joy to the receiver. Before of the advent of internet and...
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50 Best Christmas Advertisements from Top Brand Ads around the world

Christmas ads
Christmas advertising idea: During Christmas, people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus christ and it's a happy time for everyone. Did you know that the christmas carol 'Jingle Bells' was originally written for Thanksgiving? Now it's widely associated with santa claus bringing in lots of joy and cheer. To keep up the...
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20 Beautiful Silhouette Photography ideas for your inspiration

Silhouette Photography
Silhouette Photography is also known as shadow photography. You don't have to worry about appearances and detailing in a Silhouette Photo. The Silhouette talks for itself, you can easily reciprocate to the emotions or mystery in a photo. The important thing to remember about Silhouette Photography is to make sure the...
Photography14 Dec 2018
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150 Free Christmas Icon Sets for Graphic and Web designers

Christmas Icon Design
Free Christmas Icon sets : Graphic designers are extremely busy during this holiday season, because they have a lot of enquiries for christmas icon designs, christmas related website designing and more. Christmas is around the corner and all shops around the world decorate with beautiful christmas decor. Take a lot at all e-...
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20 Award winning Sand Art works and Sand Animation examples

Sand Animation
Sand Animation / Sand Art: There are two types of sand animation. In the first type, designs are drawn on sand and then the images are captured, it’s kind of similar to stop motion technique. The images are captured frame by frame and then rearranged. In the second type, the actual motion of sand art is captured on video. For...
Animation12 Dec 2018
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25 Funny Santa Claus Pictures and Digital Artworks for you

Santa Claus
Funny Santa Claus Pictures : Christmas is a jolly holiday season and we do love Father Christmas who is known as Santa Claus. Santa claus is known to ride his reindeer sledge and bring gifts to kids in large red sack. Families keep a drink and treat for santa claus at night before christmas, so he doesn't feel tired while...
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60 Free Christmas Vector Design Resource for Greeting Cards and websites - EPS AI SVG

Free Christmas Vectors
Download Free Christmas Vectors : We are around couple of days from Christmas festivity. How about we commend this Christmas season with genuine Christmas soul. We are giving away free Christmas design resources with file formats EPS AI SVG. As the occasion is getting closer, we believed the time has come to give away free Christmas...
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Top 20 Atlanta Wedding Photographers with Photography Inspiration

Atlanta Wedding Photographers
Atlanta wedding photographers: Are looking for top class Atlanta wedding photography to make your day special. Check out these Atlanta Wedding Photographers, who have many years of experience in wedding photography. If you are looking for Atlanta wedding photographers, who are expertised in photojournalistic techique, we have them...
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30 Best Japanese animations - 2D and 3D Animated Short Films

Japanese animation
Japanese animation : The earliest commercial Japanese animation dates to 1917, and production of anime works in Japan has since continued to increase steadily. The characteristic anime art style emerged in the 1960s with the works of Osamu Tezuka and spread internationally in the late twentieth century, developing a large domestic...
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25 Stunning HDR Photography examples and Tips for Beginners

HDR Photography
HDR Photography or High Dynamic Range Photos have been used by photography, ever since the eveolvement of films, however this is quite a new technique which has been introduced to smartphones. HDR Photography is basically taking two or three different photos of the same scenary in different shutter speeds and with the help of a...
Photography11 Dec 2018
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25 Beautiful Business Christmas Cards Designs - 2018

Business Christmas Cards
Create personalized business Christmas cards to wish all your corporate customers with these unique greeting card designs. Customers are bound to be happy when they see their names printed on the Christmas cards and it also helps as a brand reminder. If you have newly opened a store, while getting the feedbacks of the customers, get...
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