25 Stunning Surreal Oil Paintings and Creative Art works by Santiago Caruso

Tag : Paintings25 Mar 2017 SHARE
Surreal Art : Jim Warren's work ranges from his own brand of surrealism, to paintings of social and environmental commentary, to those simply celebrating the beauty of nature. Many of these paintings, along with high...
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20 Stunning Color Pencil Drawings and illustrations by Alvia Alcedo

Color Pencil Drawing
Color Pencil Drawings: Color pencil drawings are a fantastic medium to work on. Depending on the brand and quality of pencils, you can find them in different prices. Once you master five techniques in color pencil drawings, it...
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Creative Wooden Bags With Cross Stitch Embroidery by Merve Burma

Creative Wooden Bags With Cross Stitch Embroidery by Merve Burma
Tag : DrawingsDesign News21 Mar 2017 SHARE
Merve Burma is a product designer from Istanbul. He creates unique wooden bags, which is hand crocheted and the materials used for making the bag are from walnut, oak and beech trees. He has been creating these wonderful wooden...
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International Street Painting and Florida Chalk Explosion 2017 - 3 April 2017

Art Festival
Tag : Art NewsNews Around21 Mar 2017 SHARE
The 5th annual Palatka Chalk Explosion is calling out to artists of all age groups who have a passion for art and creativity. The festival is all set to happen in April 2017, so if you have a passion for street painting, send...
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Sketch This - Amazing drawing and painting app for IOS and Android phones

Drawing App
Tag : Art News21 Mar 2017 SHARE
DeviantArt a community dedicated to art has come up with a fantastic app for IOS and Android phones. Sketch This app has been developed by Autodesk. This drawing app is for all age groups and for all skill levels. Now you can...
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25 Stunning and Interactive Dog illustrations by Valerie Susikf

Creative Art
Tag : Drawings20 Mar 2017 SHARE
Creative Art / Funny Art ideas : Edgar Artis is an Armenian illustrator who uses a fascinating mix of paper cut outs and pencil drawings using everyday objects. This artist has a wonderful and creative imagination, since he...
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Stunning Body Painting illustion art works by Hikaru Cho

Body Painting
Tag : Body Paintings16 Mar 2017 SHARE
Body painting is not a fun business, it's a real job for many people. Body painting competitions are held in some parts of the world and you can witness some of the craziest, bizarre body painting designs. Body painting is more...
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Color Pencil Drawing Tips and Tricks for beginners

Color Pencil Drawing Tips and Tricks for beginners
Tag : Drawings14 Mar 2017 SHARE
Color Pencil Drawing Tips and Tricks for beginners:  1) Keep your pencil sharp! 2) Draw a light sketch with a Col-Erase pencil to guide your drawing and coloring. These pencils are the perfect partner for color pencils. They...
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