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50 Creative Typography Designs and illustration ideas for you

Typography Design
Typography Designs : To make a brand sell, companies use different advertising methods to promote their brand and graphic / print designers play a huge role in promoting successful brands and revising existing brands. Typography is an important tool used by the graphic print designers. Companies use attractive typography designs in...
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25 Funny Wedding Photography examples for your inspiration

Funny Wedding Photography
Funny Wedding photography captures all of the intimate details of the couple’s special day. These pictures should evoke the love, passion, romance and beauty of the couple as well as their wedding venue and décor. From the wedding party to the desserts, no detail should go uncaptured. Here’s a collection of 25...
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Procreate - A Painting App for IOS phones and tablets

Painting App
Painting App : Procreate is a very powerful app for IOS phones and it's easy to sketch and draw on this app with great ease. This app was developed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd and is a very interesting application. Now it's easy to create awesome paintings and drawings on the go, since it has an easy drawing interface and allows...
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15 Best and Most Famous American Photographers

Best Photographers
American Best Photographers: In this post we have included the 15 Top and Most famous American Photographers who have inspired the world with their creative and mindblowing photography.Each of these american photographers have their own specialities, some of them are no more but their legend still carries and is a great inspiration...
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25 Incredible 3D Fantasy Girl Characters and Game Models

3D Fantasy Girl
Jung won Park: I am employed at NCsoft in Seoul as a 3D artist in the 'Creative Marketing Visual Department'. I create 3D characters for rendering and create posters, web resources, promotion banners and wallpapers for events and so on. Recently, I've become interested in 'figurines', so I'm studying about that using 3D. Digital art...
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World Art Fair 2017 - Dubai Starts on 12 April 2017

Art Festival
Enjoy the diverse contemporary art ar Dubai world trade centre from 12-15 April 2017. The world art fair steps into it's third edition, which showcases the culture of dubai in contemporary art forms. According to their website, "As part of Dubai’s Official Art Season, World Art Dubai reflects the city’s growing...
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GoPro Karma Drone Camera - Digital Camera Review

Digital Camera Review
GoPro reintroduced its Karma Drone to the market on wednesday, roughly three months after recalling all the models it has sold. The camera maker pulled its drone model from shelves in early November, after the Karma first went on sale Oct. 23, because a few of the quadcopters "lost power during operation," the company said...
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50 Mind Blowing Digital Art works and illustrations for your inspiration

Digital Art
Digital Art : Loopy Dave is a great illustrator who produces all type of digital illustrations, paintings, caricature and vector designs. we are happy to share his works today with everyone. He lives in Australia, which, contrary to popular opinion, DOES NOT mean he walks around upside down or wears a loin cloth made from koala...
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