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What is Graphic Design - Best Graphic Design Softwares and Inspiration Posts

What is Graphic Design
What is Graphic Design : Graphic design is the art of mixing pictures, texts, fonts as to provide an eye catching design for websites and marketing materials. We read a lot of magazines and newspapers and have you ever wondered the process behind making the same? Each magazine uses specific fonts, colours, photos etc, if you look at...
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40 Most Beautiful InfraRed Photography Examples for your inspiration

InfraRed Photography
Until the early 20th century, infrared photography was not possible because silver halide emulsions are not sensitive to longer wavelengths than that of blue light (and to a lesser extent, green light) without the addition of a dye to act as a color sensitizer. Wood, who discovered the unusual effects that now bear his name. The RPS...
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50 Best Futuristic 3D Robot Models and Character Design inspiration

3D Robot Models
3D Models / 3D Robot Models : The future is not written yet and who knows whether robots are dangerous or not. What is for sure is that humans, being the curious beings, will develop new advanced generations of robots. It happens so that people and robots go together in this life side by side, in some spheres of life they are even...
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50 Best Valentines Day Design inspiration for you

Valentines Design
Valentines Day Design : Love is something eternal - the aspect may change, but not the essence. Every February 14, across the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones to celebrate valentine's day. In this post we have collected best valentine's day card designs, backgrounds, ideas and typography for your...
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25 Best Valentines Day Gifts ideas for your inspiration

Valentines day gift ideas
Valentines day gift ideas : Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February across the globe. It’s a day to share your  love and affection with your dear ones like sister, brother, lover, husband, wife, friends and what is the best way to show your love and affection ? You can surprise them with these valentine day...
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20 Beautiful Surrealist Art works and Surreal Paintings by Ohmuller Gyuri

Surrealist Art
Surrealist Art : Lohmuller Gyuri: I discovered my own painting and my own technique, I may say, because I have never seen someone painting for many years after I began to paint. Some of my teachers helped me through the way, I can mention the well-known painter Komisarsky who was of great help, in Resita during my 3 years studies at...
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40 Creative Tree Logo Design inspiration for you

Tree Logo Design
Tree Logo Design : In this post we have added 40 creative Tree themed logo designs for your inspiration. My favorite logo designs are Legacy Wellnes, Imaginary Trees, Chemistree, ephfx, Cranesville, Natura, Techtree, LightTree and Enriched. 
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20 Stunning Copper Wall Art Sculptures by Pierre Matter

Copper Wall Art
Copper Wall Art Sculptures: French artist Pierre Matter is a well known for his amazing copper sculptures. He was born in 1964 and was known to be very restless from school. His highly imaginative mind was put into good use for creating monster copper sculptures, yeah i call them monster copper sculptures, because some even weigh 1....
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