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50 Incredible 3D Street Art works from the worlds best street artists

Street Art
Street Art, often known as 3D chalk art is two dimensional artwork drawn on the street itself that gives you a  three dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. It can be mind-blowing, realistic and at the same time captivating once you get the angle correct. And creating one is certainly through and challenging...
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30 Beautiful Valentines Day Cards - Greeting Cards inspiration

Valentines Day Cards
Valentines Day Greeting Cards : Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world. It's Valentine's Day 2014 and what could be a better time to let your dear ones know that you love them. Love is something eternal - the aspect may change, but not the essence. Every February 14, across the world, candy, flowers and gifts are...
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50 Creative Fashion Photography examples from Top Photographers around the world

Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography is the most sought after career in the fashion industry. You can look at the fashion photos through the eyes of the photographers. Fashion pictures look amazing when they captured in the right angle and proper lighting techniques are applied. Retouching works enhances the beauty of these digital fashion photos....
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23 Colorful Fashion Photographs by Elizaveta Porodina - Colorful and Modern

23 Colorful Fashion Photographs by Elizaveta Porodina - Colorful and Modern
In this post we have added colorful and modern fashion photographs from "74 Magazine". The set, called ‘Hokkus Pokus’ is shot by Elizaveta Porodina, a Fashion and Fine Art Photographer based in Germany. I hope you will like these creative and beautiful fashion photography examples Know...
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50 Valentine's Day Free Design Resources - Download Free Vectors, PSD and Icons

Valentines Day Vector
Valentines Day Vectors, PSD, icons: Love is something eternal - the aspect may change, but not the essence. Every February 14, across the world, greeting cards, candy and gifts are exchanged between loved ones to celebrate valentine's day. In this post we have collected free design reources for designing your valentine'd day...
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50 Funny Cartoon Characters and 3D Models Design inspiration

funny cartoon characters
Funny 3D Characters and 3D Models : We have added Funny, Beautiful and Creative 3D cartoon character designs for your inspiration. These were created with powerful 3D tools like ZBursh, 3DsMax, Maya and other 3D softwares. I hope you like these funny cartoon characters. 3d cat girl character 3d cat lady character 3d dog man...
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60 Attractive and Colorful Logo Design inspiration for you

Colorful logo Design
Colorful Logo design: Unique and colorful log designs is a must for all kinds of business, no matter what they do and how big is their company. For a better audience reach and targeting of particular customers is possible through the internet. So if you want to boost your sales, then it's good to invest in a good website with a...
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20 Stunning Copper Wall Art Sculptures by Pierre Matter

Copper Wall Art
Copper Wall Art Sculptures: French artist Pierre Matter is a well known for his amazing copper sculptures. He was born in 1964 and was known to be very restless from school. His highly imaginative mind was put into good use for creating monster copper sculptures, yeah i call them monster copper sculptures, because some even weigh 1....
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