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40 Beautiful Kerala Wedding Photography examples and Top Photographers

Kerala Wedding Photography
Kerala Wedding Photography / Top photographers : Kerala wedding photographers offer world class photography, they are quite experienced in taking creative candid photography and bring alive the wedding moments in an enchanting way which will be cherished for many generations. In this post we have included the 25 kerala wedding...
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Beautiful Digital illustrations and Game character designs by Uros-Sljivic

Digital Illustration
Digital Illustration : Matte painting, Vector art, Reflections, realistic digital effects can be created in digital illustrations. Many softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop can be used to create stunning effects which otherwise is not possible in manual paintings. The artists imagine a effect and the same can be...
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Typography Contest - Typomania 2018 is Open for Entries till May 1st 2018

Design Contest & Festivals
Design contest: We have the latest collection of design contest which includes - Logo Design, Graphic Design, Architecture Design, Rangoli Design and so on. Participate in live design contests and win exciting prizes. Logo design contests are held on a monthly and yearly basis, so stay tuned to our page to participate in exciting...
Design News19 Jan 2018
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New Steampunk 3D Model Design Contest Awaits you in February 2018

Animation Contest and Festival
Animation Festival: We celebrate the works of all animators across all age groups. Here you will find the latest news, updates, contest details on all 3D animation, 2d animation, 3d software, 3d animation software from across the world. Animation Festivals occur annually or bi-annually, so based on your interest you can apply for...
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UK Portrait Painting Competition 22 Jan 2018 - win £ 35000

Art Competition
Art Competitions: We have the latest collection of Art contests, painting competitions from around the world. If you have a passion for art, you can showcase your talent by submitting the pictures of your artworks online. Most of the painting contests have a standard procedure, you need to register yourselves in the given website...
Art NewsArt18 Jan 2018
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50 Beautiful Nature Photography examples from famous photographers

Nature Photography
Nature photography refers to a wide range of photo taken outdoors & devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, forest, and close-ups of natural sceneries. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photograph than other photography genres. Nature photos are...
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45 Beautiful Rajasthani Paintings - Traditional Indian Rajput Paintings

Rajasthani Paintings
Rajasthani paintings: Radhe Krishna paintings are quite prominent in Rajasthani paintings. Rajasthani paintings started around 16th - 19th century in western India. Ever wondered how the Rajput kings and queens looked like and what cutlery they used during their elaborate dining? Rajasthan paintings are also known as rajput...
PaintingsArt17 Jan 2018
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30 Logo Designs Gone Wrong - Bad Logo Design examples for your inspiration

Bad Logos
In this post we have added 30 bad logo design examples for your inspiration. Logos are all around us. To the general public they serve as an instant reminder of a company or a product to the client they’re the point of recognition on which their brand hangs and to us designers they represent the challenge of incorporating our...
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