Painting Techniques meet Sculptures by Madrid artist Mercedes Vincente

The artist Mercedes Vicente took her painting technique and sculpts it improvised shapes with spiral twisted ribbons of fabric that look like whims of Nature.

Best Award Winning Photos from Nokia Photography of the year 2020 Contest

The Australian photography contest is in its eighth year now, the largest of its kind for amateur photographers in Australasia and for 2020 had a prize pool valued at more than $30,000.

Top 20 Shortlisted Photos of the National Parks Photography Competition

Among 3000 entries, the top 20 stunning photographs were selected as winners of the first-ever annual Nature's Best Photography National Parks Photo competition. Canadian photographer, Thomas Vijayan's incredible action shot of two grizzly bear siblings having a friendly fight at the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska...

The 10 Expensive Jean Michel Basquait Scribble Artworks sold at auction

Graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is regarded as one of the world’s most successful street artists, and one of the most successful African-American artists. His career spanned barely 10 years but Jean-Michel Basquiat remains one of the most influential and important contemporary artists today. His street...

10 Expert Tips For Effective Logo Design

10 Expert Tips For Effective Logo Design
When I say the word “logo”, do you also think of Gucci, Zara, Audi, Nike, Adidas, KFC, McDonald’s? Have you ever thought about how these companies come up with their logo? Or, what factors make a logo design effective? The color, the style, the size, etc., everything plays a huge role in making a brand stand out....

Top 10 shortlisted Photos of National Geographic Abu Dhabi Photography Contest

National Geographic Abu Dhabi (NGAD) has announced the launch of the 8th edition of Moments, its annual regional photography competition designed to nurture the talent of aspiring photographers from around the Arab world, this year with the theme of Stories of People of the Arab World. It's one of the largest...

20 Stunning Photos of Art of Building Photography contest 2020

The Art of Building photography contest is conducted by the British Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), now in its 11th year to celebrate creativity in the construction industry. 3500 entries from more than 100 countries were submitted in this 2020 contest, out of that jury members shortlisted 15 stunning photographs. Among...

10 Free Photography eBooks to Improve Your Skills - Premium Resource for Photographers

10 Free Photography eBooks to Improve Your Skills - Premium Resource for Photographers
Photography is an art, passion and a hobby for most of us. Improving your photography takes a lot of time and dedication to continually learn how to use your equipment better. Also how to present the best post processed with each subject, and how to perfect your post-production workflow. For achieving this, you will need a lot of...

Graphic design professor won gold in Graphics Photography competition 2021

Taylor Shipton, assistant graphic design professor at Penn state won a gold award in the Graphics Photography competition 2021 for her work that examines the history of rape culture. Her submission features the portraits of two women - Leda and Medusa in Greek mythology, raped by the Olympian gods.

6th International Mental Health Photography Exhibition 2021

TEHRAN – COVID-19 has become the central theme of the 6th Mental Health International Exhibition of Photography as the disease has turned into the world’s major issue over the past year.

Shutterstock acquires 3D Models website TurboSquid for $75M - signals that future photography without camera

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global creative platform announced that it pays $75 million, to acquire TurboSquid, Inc., positioning Shutterstock as the world’s largest 3D marketplace. Shutterstock’s investment in this sector indicates that photography won’t always involve cameras in future. For over 20 years,...

Spring Flower Photography Competition – 31 March 2021

While out on your daily allowance of exercise, why not stop for a short, socially distanced moment to take a photo of some spring flowers? The Chelsea Physic Garden is running a competition looking for photographs of spring flowers from wherever you. Your photograph must contain at least one spring bloom but otherwise, let your...

15 Excellent Award Winning Sea Animal Photographs from Ocean Photography Contest

Oceanographic magazine presented the Ocean photography awards to honour the photographers, is “a celebration of our blue planet and a platform to shine a light on the threats facing the ocean,” explain the organizers. The awards consists of six categories that includes Ocean conservation, Ocean exploration...

What is Computational Photography and why does it matter

We can say Computational photography is a boon for photographers; it makes amazing strides in the camera to produce better quality images. Let us see what it is and why does it matter as follows.

15 Creative and Award Winning Designs from A Design Contest 2020

15 Creative and Award Winning Designs from A Design Contest 2020
There’s been a shake up this year in A’ Design Award’s 2020 World Design Ranking (WDR)! China surpassed the United States of America to rank number 1 among 108 represented countries. The U.S. took the number 2 spot followed by Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey and Australia. The 2020...

Italian Artist Sets World record By Selling Rare Botticelli Portrait for $92.2 Million

A rare Botticelli portrait at an auction in New York at Sotheby’s on Thursday sold for $92.2 million, making it Rs.6722 million. It has set a new world record by the Italian artist. The price of $92.2 million at the auction was conducted on the phone and online by bidders. This work of the 15th-century has been known as...

Monochrome Photography Contest 2021 and Winning Black and White Photos

The Monochrome Photography Awards 2020 has announced the winner of black and white photography recently. Ksystof Mozyro won the Monochrome Photographer of the year 2020 for his arresting photograph “Opponents” taken at a Black lives matter rally in London. Further, the Monochrome Discovery of the Year award won...

Coca-Cola the Beverage Giant, Reveals New Packaging Design without their Logo

The Coca-Cola logo is a well-known brand logo. A new design is paving its way to inspire change and positivity. The brand is replacing the design with inspiring resolutions. There will be uplifting messages such as "I promise to smile more just for you," and "I'm not the best at compliments but I'll try....
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