Cotient World Photography Announces Incredible Photography Awards

Cotient World Photography Announces Incredible Photography Awards
The Cotient World Photography Award has recently announced the winners of its 2020 competition, including a brilliantly surreal piece of portrait photography from Nimai Chandra Ghosh that grabbed the top prize of £1,000. The Cotient World Photography Award is free to enter and open to anyone around the world. Nimai Chandra...

Celebrated French Artist Claude Monet's Painting From Water Lilies Goes for Auction

Oscar-Claude Monet is one of the celebrated western painters of all time and the founder of Impressionist painting.  Monet is a household name in France and his iconic Water Lilies series symbolises French paintings.  A painting of Claude from his famous Water Lilies series is to go on sale at the New York auction for...

Lone Workers and the Law - What Are the Employers Responsibilities?

Lone Workers and the Law - What Are the Employers Responsibilities?
The UK has approximately 6.8 million lone workers, which account for 20% of the total workforce. The percentage is expected to rise as more people shift to remote work. It's a popular misconception that the term "lone worker" only refers to persons who work entirely on their own. Although some lone workers do fit this...

World's Oldest Wooden Sculpture Shigir Idol is found Older than Great Pyramids of Giza

The Shigir Idol which was found in a peat bog by gold miners in 1890 is a relic known to be the oldest wooden sculpture that dates back to 12,500 years.  The human figures with eerie face scattered among the geometric patterns like zigzags, chevrons and herringbones are the eight human faces with slashes for eyes.  The...

Award Winning Wildlife Photographs from Sanctuary Nature Photography Contest

Award Winning Wildlife Photographs from Sanctuary Nature Photography Contest
The non-profit Sanctuary Nature Foundation, which publishes wildlife and photography magazine Sanctuary Asia, presented the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards at a virtual ceremony on Saturday. The first prize went to photographer Pratik Uday Pradhan for capturing a crane fly on a thin twig in Matheran, a hill station near Mumbai...

The Relationship Between Art and AI

The Relationship Between Art and AI
 Grab popcorn if you see an artist and an AI expert getting into a war of words. "Nah! Machines can't replace the ethereal reins of artisans." "Ohhh, well! You better know our machines. They can predict your thinking patterns and express art as brilliant as you." "WHAT! You must be kidding me...

Know Your Rights! What to Do if You Are Injured on the Job

Know Your Rights! What to Do if You Are Injured on the Job
In a perfect world, no one would ever have to worry about workplace injuries because there would never be any accidents or mistakes. Everything would go according to plan and every job would be risk-free. Unfortunately, we’re not living in a perfect world and workplace injuries are not uncommon. Your employer is legally...

Photographer Jacquie Matechuk Represents Canada at the 2021 World Photographic Cup

Jacquie Matechuk is representing Canada in the 2021 World Photographic Cup, a prestigious photography award in which photographers from 38 to 40 countries participate.  To unite photographers with a spirit of friendship and co-operation the World Photographic Cup was founded in the year 2103 by The Federation of European...

Meet Pigcasso - The Artistic Pig earns millions of dollars for her paintings

If you’re a keen social media user, you might have come across numerous viral videos of elephants and other animals trying to paint and being creative, but did you hear that pig was doing painting. Yes, meet Pigcasso, the world’s first artistic pig. Pigcasso - the painting pig was once saved from a slaughterhouse when...

NFT Artwork by Humanoid Robot Sophia - Sells at auction for nearly $700000

It’s fascinating to see this new creation!! Sophia the robot has worn several hats five years since she was activated by the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. And having already established herself as an activist, a musician, and a fashionista, the humanoid robot is now a digital artist looking to cash into the internet...

Audubon Announces the Winners of the 2020 Wildlife Photography Contest

Audubon Announces the Winners of the 2020 Wildlife Photography Contest
More than 400 entries came from around the world for Audubon Community Nature Center’s 2020 Nature Photography Contest. Twelve countries plus 41 U.S. states and Puerto Rico were represented. Winners and finalists are from India, Saudi Arabia, Chile, northern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania, and Western New York. Photographs...

Indian Art gallery G exhibiting the original paintings of Legend Raja Ravi Varma

The original artworks of masters like Raja Ravi Varma, C Raja Raja Varma, Abanindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy and Binod Behari Mukherjee are being showcased by the Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation at their gallery in Bengaluru.

Indian Artist Vignesh Rajs Thirukkural based painting won a Tamilnadu State Award

Vignesh Raj said art is a way of life; he can’t describe the thrill when he finish an art and see his hard work come to him. This Coimbatore based artist was the only one from his city to have recently won a state award issued by the International Institute of Tamil Studies, for his untitled painting based on the Thirukkural....

Banksy’s Painting Sold for 14 M Euros for Covid-19 health workers

A Banksy painting depicting a young boy playing with a superhero nurse doll has raised more than £16m for an NHS charity after being sold at auction. Christie's said the hammer price of £14.4m for the 1m (3ft) x 1m work was a "world auction record" for a Banksy. Including a buyer's premium, the...

North Korean oil painting exhibition meets with Chinese people despite the closed borders due to Covid-19

An exhibition of North Korean portrait and landscape oil paintings has been displayed at the Shanxi Art Museum in the North since Chinese people are purchasing them as investments. More than 300 oil paintings from three generations of North Korean painters are on display at the exhibition. Gu Xinxia, the curator of the exhibition,...

Pride of K C Sivasankaran Artist of Indian comic book Chandamama and Ambulimama

Pride of K C Sivasankaran Artist of Indian comic book Chandamama and Ambulimama
The last of the living artists of comic book CHANDAMAMA, Shri KC SIVASANKAR, breathed his last on 29th September 2020, in Chennai. He was 97. Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Sivasankaran (otherwise called KC Sivasankaran, Artist Sankar), (19 July 1924 – 29 September 2020) was an Indian craftsman who principally added to the Indian...

Worlds largest canvas painting Journey of Humanity sells for $62million in Dubai

An artwork created from the world's largest canvas painting has sold for $62 million in Dubai, the second most expensive painting sold at auction by a living artist. The original painting, "The Journey of Humanity" by British artist Sacha Jafri, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest art canvas. This massive...

Enormous vulva sculpture in Brazil inciting controversy

The Prize for the most controversial public sculpture 2021 has been claimed by a newly installed 33m high concrete crimson vulva in Brazil.
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