7 Amazing Ways to Showcase Your Digital Artwork

Even as creative types, artists can get stuck in a rut with their art marketing. New designs will be a great challenge to captivate your art clients.

7 Amazing Ways to Showcase Your Digital Artwork

Your followers will bomb regular marketing posts using the same tactics every day, you know, so what's going to differentiate you? Run your creative energies out of those art campaign concepts that your followers would enjoy, and help your art company get over the rest.

Check out these seven fun ways to re-engage your art clients from giving to revealing your workshop secrets.

Having a Giveaway

Your clients enjoy your job, and it's a perfect way to get them happy once again by getting a free opportunity to win one of your designs.

Begin by choosing the right honor. Choose a work of art that excites people, not just the costliest work you have done for years. Ideas may involve a small printed job or a drawing you made on the spot.

Then, pick if and for how long fans should enter—we propose an urgency to build a week. It can be as simple as making them answer their names to your contest account. Or, if you want a little more interesting, people can vote for the part you'll print the winner in their response. Then pick only one elector as the winner.

When you have picked the winner, promote the performance on your next email, artist's blog, and social media accounts so that more viewers can more carefully follow your piece of art.


Stream Live in the Studio

Your fans would love to see how you make art, so consider filming in the studio live. Only let your fans know when you will be on, set up your laptop, and start streaming live with a webcam and a YouTube account.

Speak to your inspiration on everything from your methods, when you display your artistic talent to audiences. Fans would love to share this personal insight with you and are good enough to be able to do so only.


Display them on a Canvas!

With a CanvasPop simple to create custom canvas prints. You can make your canvas prints and add upto 24 images for the canvas or frame print would be elegantly presented.

Canvas pop printcanvas pop print

All we have to do is to start uploading our image. Every size of the picture fits, and we also have the choice of one of our recommended scales, edges, or frame choices. If the designers complete our print preview, we will get a letter with a free digital print proof for permission.

CanvasPop is here with us and to make sure we have a great order before they publish it. CanvasPop will do the rest, and in only a few days, our collage print will be made and sent to us.


Create Art Demos

Would you want your job to post samples, but live streaming sounds too intense? Try posting shorter videos in your email, website, or social media to illustrate particular strategies. You can create twice-time videos that you can upload to Instagram with apps like PicFlow.

From your drawing to your final piece, you will share your step-by-step work photos. Customers will be delighted to see you as an artist within yourself.


Enjoy finance as a positive experience.

Your fans appreciate your work and expect you as an artist to excel. Try to ask for your input in a friendly way! Using a subscription program to collect products from admirers in exchange for monthly support.

Canvas pop printcanvas pop print

Yamile Yemoonyah from Innovative Web Biz recommends using websites like Gumroad or Patreon, where various forms of contributions for fans like $5, $100, and $300 a month can be made. Then you can give your subscribers a gift that is as small as a downloadable picture or as large as the print of their work, based on how much they want to fund you.

Surprise with Manuscripts

Enjoy the followers with a handwritten message, something they don't predict. "If you manage to pull your paper and pen into an increasingly casual digital environment, you can differentiate yourself," etiquette master Emily Post recalls.

Without their encouragement, you will not be a thriving artist; go ahead and show your clients how much they matter. Everybody would love their thoughtfulness, whether it is a short note that gives them thanks for buying their new job or checking in on your close contacts.

You can also write messages on postcards about your new work to your top collectors. You can love the photo and call you to buy the original.

Send Exclusive Show Invites

Another new way to get your art buyers interested is to welcome them to your most recent exhibition before opening the doors to the general public. Your collectors would happily be applauded for an early demo when taking advantage of a close-up view of their work from an eager crowd.

Take the direction of a written notice by welcoming you physically or providing your newsletter invitation.


Your clients will struggle with marketing messages all day, so come up with fresh ideas such as posting content behind the scenes, submitting your thanks, and interacting with them exclusively with your craft. The presence of your art customers will help to revive your craft.

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7 Amazing Ways to Showcase Your Digital Artwork Even as creative types, artists can get stuck in a rut with their art marketing. New designs will be a great challenge to captivate your art clients. Your followers will bomb regular marketing posts