15 Top and Good Photography Schools from around the world

Photography Schools

Photography Schools: Photography is an art of capturing emotions, milestones, memories on a digital media. The art of photography has been practised for many years, from black & white grainy Polaroid’s to modern colourful speed photographs. We can clearly see that photography has advanced to many stages and it keeps growing at a rapid stage. Good photography schools can help one become a successful photographer equipped with the right talents and techniques.
If you want to become a successful photographer, it’s important to hold photography major in recognized professional photography schools. These top photography schools and colleges will help achieve your dream career. In these Photography majors, one will learn many techniques such as lighting, retouching, styling etc which are necessary tools for processing perfect photographs. We have listed some of the good photography schools for your reference.

Photography Schools

Good and Top 5 Photography Schools

1. California Institute of Arts - Photography school

The California Institute of Arts is one of the leading colleges for visual and performing arts in the United States. It is a private institution founded in the year 1961. So if you are all geared up to become the best photographer, you can start right here at California Institute of Arts as it’s a good and one of the top 5 photography schools in the world.
For More details visit : Calarts.edu

photography school


2. Sir JJ School of Applied Arts, Mumbai - Photography school

We don’t even need to elaborate on this great institution that has consistently produced famous artist alumni over the years. Most students, who enrol in the four year Bachelor degree with Photography as their specialisation, are serious about their pursuing their art as a career and not as a hobby. If you want to become  a full-fledged commercial photographer, investing four long years in this professional photography school will be the best investment of your life.
For more details visit JJ School

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3. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad - Photography school

Interested in getting a wholesome overview of contemporary photography, visual culture, its history and context? Then try securing an admission at the reputed National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. It’s a dream for most aspiring photographers to get into this reputed institute, since the screening process is oh-so-tough! This postgraduate degree of Photography Design will give students an opportunity for an exchange program to the UK, along with many options of Photography to practice in – from documentary photography to news photography, from advertising photography to fashion photography and much more.
For more details visit National Institute of Design

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4. The Arts Institute - Photography school

The wonderful thing about Arts Institute is they have many branches in most countries and if it’s not possible to attend classes physically, you can attend virtually by applying for an online degree. The Art Institute of San Francisco is one of the best schools for both art and Photography. For More details visit : The Art Institutes

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5. SPEOS Photographic Institute, Paris, France - Photography school

The Speos Photographic Institute in Paris is one of those schools that have already gained a cult status although being considered a relative newcomer in the world of photography schools. Speos was founded in January 1985, by the French photographer Pierre-Yves Mahé, known for his innovative style and technique. Since its establishment in 1985, the school has trained more than 3,600 students. Speos is accredited by the French government and has collaborated with the giants in the world of photography like Gamma, Reuters, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Konica and Fuji Film. Also, the school’s training programme is approved by the French National Committee for Professional Certification. For more details visit SPEOS Photographic Institute

photography school


Colleges with Photography majors

The basic techniques of photography are taught in photography schools/ colleges in the bachelor’s degree. These courses are designed in such a way so that students become familiar with photography equipment like the camera, different types of lens, flashes and tripods and lighting techniques along with colour management. They will also learn about the right shooting techniques and the elements which help to make a great photograph. Students who wish to pursue advanced degree can specialize in certain areas of photography. It can be photographic techniques or different kinds of photography. Some colleges offer separate courses in image editing, film developing and various kinds of digital technologies used in photography. Here are some colleges with photography majors.

Providence College in Rhode Island

The Providence College Studio Arts program leads to a Bachelor of Arts, and students who select a concentration in photography are pushed to pursue creative limits while also learning the technical side of photography. Graduates receive extensive classmate and faculty critiques and are given the chance to publicly exhibit their work. This is one of the best colleges with photography majors.
Providence College

photography school


John Brown University, Arkansas

The course in Bachelor of Science in Photography provides classes in design, darkroom, social documentary and commercial photography. Students are allowed explore studio photography, fine art photography and photojournalism.
John Brown University

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Photography classes New York country (NYC)

Regular classes are conducted in NYC for learning about different photography styles, lighting and working on adobe photoshop. One can choose evening or weekend classes based on their preference. Credits are important to sign up for these classes. So make your research before you sign up for the classes. Here is a list of photography classes nyc:

Buffalo State (SUNY) - NYC

This school is affiliated to the State University of New York (SUNY). They offer regular degree in photography and provides courses in studio photography. In the undergraduate classes film making, sculptures, drawing, printmaking techniques are taught to enhance the skills of the budding photographer.
Buffalo State

photography school


Fashion Institute of Technology - NYC

This school is affiliated to the State University of New York (SUNY). It is situated in Manhattan and provides both certificate courses and degree courses. Students are taught to use the adobe photoshop software and pick classes on digital photography, lighting and dark room procedures. They also have a 2 yr associate course, where once can learn about black & white printing, digital processing and image manipulation. In the BFA course you are allowed to take internships and chances to study abroad. They offer certificate in Digital Still Photography, Associate in Applied Science in Photography and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.
Fashion Institute of Technology

photography school


New York University - NYC

They offer courses in Bachelor of Fine arts in photography and Imaging. One can have exposure in editorial photography, portraiture, lighting and photojournalism. Students can learn to use Adobe Indesign and adobe photoshop softwares. Internship facilities are available.
New York University

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Photography courses Sydney

Regular classes are conducted at Sydney for learning about different photography styles, lighting and working on adobe photoshop. If you are in a hurry to start learning you can choose one day or half day courses. Some of the best night photography classes are available as Sydney lights up at night, so photographers start flashing. Below are some of the photography courses Sydney.

University of Sydney

They offer courses in DSLR video capturing, Basics in Photography shooting, Basics in Adobe Photoshop. By using a  digital camera, one can learn the basic functions of the camera lens, aperture, shutter speed and flash. You can choose different types of photography classes from street photography, night street photography, HDR Photography, Black & White Retro style images, working in the digital darkroom, digital bookmaking course, apple ipad course for photographers and many more. They offer weekend classes or classes with 4-5 sessions for each course. Online photography classes are also available. University of Sydney

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Australian Centre for Photography - Sydney

They offer core courses in Camera crafts, DSLR for beginners and lighting. If you are looking for specialist courses they offer Fashion Photography, Landscape Photography, Street Photography, StudioPortraiture, Lightroom, Photoshop for beginners, Documentary Photography, Black & white photography, Light Portraiture, Beginner’s Flash techniques and many more. Their instructors provide hands on training from capturing a digital photograph till processing the same.
Australian Centre for Photography

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Veridiumphoto - Sydney

They offer a one day photography course to both amateurs and professional photographers. You can grab some discounts, if you bring your friends too. If you can’t spend a day, then you can opt for the half day beginner’s photography course. They have courses in night photography where you can learn to play with lighting techniques. You can also avail customized courses according to your requirements with private tuition course or gift the courses to your photographer friend.
Veridiumphoto - Sydney

photography school

If you have made up your mind to become a professional photographer, it’s important to have photography majors or choose top photography schools which offer photography classes nyc / Sydney. Nowadays colleges with photography majors are from professional photography schools. So enrol yourself in the good photography schools to start your career with photography. If you don’t have time for a full time degree, consider signing up for photography courses or photography classes where you can get tutored by experienced photographers.

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15 Top and Good Photography Schools from around the world Photography Schools: Photography is an art of capturing emotions, milestones, memories on a digital media. The art of photography has been practised for many years, from black & white grainy