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15 Top Graphic Design Colleges Schools and Online Degrees around the world

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Graphic Design Schools And Colleges

Importance of Graphic Design schools / Colleges: If you are artistic and have mastered several adobe programs all by yourself, it is best you consider a graphic design degree, because most employers don’t recruit people without a degree from graphic design schools. Working in a classroom environment and fine tuning your skills in the best graphic design schools will give you a better edge whilst comparing yourself to other self tutored graphic designers. Graphic design is all about providing amazing designs in a most captivating way to clients and graphic design schools will help you attain them. If you are on a busy schedule, you can always consider getting an online graphic design degree as you attend your graphic design classes virtually at the convenience of your home. There are many top graphic design schools which offer several degrees and certificates for students aspiring to excel in the graphic design sector as it’s an emerging technology. 

Graphic Design Schools and Colleges

Top and Best graphic design schools

1. Rhode Island School of Design

RISD or Rhode School of Design based at Providence, Rhode Island was found in 1877 which makes it one of the oldest college in Art in and Design in the whole of America. It offers many courses in 19 majors, of which Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts are quite popular. BFA takes 4 years of full time rigorous studies, whereas MFA takes around only 2 years. Apart from full time study, RISD also offers Continuing Education Courses which are held in the evenings and at weekends by professionals.
visit risd website
graphic design college school

2. University of Cincinnati (College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning)

The college is located at Aronoff Center for Design and Art at Cincinnati, OH. It was founded in 1810 and it offers degrees in 19 majors and Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication Design is one amongst them. It’s a 3 year full time course and allows students to specialise in Print based designs, Interaction Designs and Time Based Designs. If you would like to visit the campus, visit them on Mondays and Fridays.
visit daap website
graphic design college school


3.Carnegie Mellon University School of Design

Carnegie Mellon University School of Design is located in Pittsburgh, PA and was founded in the year 1905. This is the only college which offers Bachelor of Design Degree (Bdes). The undergraduate program allows the students to hone their skills in 3 sectors like Industrial design, Graphic design and design for physical and digital areas. CMU school is known for its strong undergraduate foundation curriculum. visit carnegie mellon website
graphic design college school


4. Parsons The New School for Design

Parsons The New School for Design is located at Manhattan, New York. Parson was the first school in USA to offer programs in Fashion Designing, Advertising and Graphic Design. These are the following courses available at the Parsons for Graphic design : Communication Design(BFA), Continuing Education, Design and Technology, Graphic Design(AAS), Pre college academy and Summer Intensive Studies(New York).
visit parsons website
graphic design college school


5. Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art is one of the oldest art and Design University situated in London, UK. It’s the world’s most prominent post graduate art and design school. Entrance exams are a must for all students who wish to apply for the programmes. visit rca website
graphic design college school


Top Online Graphic Design Degrees

1. SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design

SCAD is a private institution offering both regular and online courses in Graphic Design. They provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for aspiring students. Their online course is known as eLearning. They have won several awards in disability support in graphic design. SCAD’s course focuses on emerging technologies such as mobile platforms and prepares the students for the future technologies. visit scad website
graphic design college school


2. Herzing University

If you are an aspiring graphic designer, checkout Herzing University as they offer Undergraduate, Graduate, diploma courses and Associate degrees in Graphic design and various other streams. It allows students to experience a variety of design concepts, like web designing and the mobile industry. visit herzing website
graphic design college school


3. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh allows students to take up online degree course in Bachelor of Science (Graphic Design). The graphic design course at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division is designed to help students enhance their career in commercial digital graphic design. Visit aionline website
graphic design college school


4. Parsons

Parsons provides AAS online degree to who wish to pursue their graphic design course. Students must have a prior undergraduate degree or have sufficient undergraduate credits to pursue a full time online course.
graphic design college school


5. Suffolk University

Suffolk University offers online degrees in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts for students willing to excel in the graphic design field. It’s more of a people’s university as it provides all the tools required to bring the best in the students. The main campus is situated in Boston. visit suffolk website
graphic design college school
graphic design college school


 Graphic Design Colleges / Graphic Design Classes

1. Maryland Institute College of Art

MICA or Maryland Institute College of Art provides undergraduate and post graduate degrees in the graphic design major. Their courses are known as BFA and MA, MFA. For students from non design background, Suffolk offers a certificate known as post baccalaureate program which offers rigorous immersion in graphic design. This certificate allows the students to still prepare for the competitive MFA program. visit mica website
graphic design college school


2. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

RMCAD is based at Denver, Colorado. RMCAD's graphic design course follows a logical sequence of studio courses and gradually increases its difficulty levels. It requires case study projects and reviews are conducted upon mid and final completion of the course. It offers internship opportunities with design professionals for real-world experience. visit rmcad website
graphic design college school


3. Westwood College – Online

Westwood College - Online provides two major courses within graphic design: Visual Communications and Web Design, both helps students to prepare for adobe certifications and also in preparation of final portfolio in printing, digital and web formats. Visual communication degree holders will be prepared for the print and media fields, whilst Web design degree holders will learn create professional websites with clear understanding of Web marketing and programming languages. visit westwood website
graphic design college school


4. Devry University Online

Devry’s online education allows students to acquire degree in Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and a development degree which specializes in graphic and multimedia design. This allows students to gain an understanding of the multimedia and design standards according to the latest emerging technologies. visit devry website
graphic design college school


5. Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University offers both online and on campus courses. It starts with the fundamental studio art skills and gradually increases the level of difficulty allowing students to master in various adobe programs. In the final year students can choose to specialize in any of these areas like print designing, illustration, web designing or photography. visit csuniv website
graphic design college school
graphic design college school

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