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What Is Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design : Graphic design is the art of mixing pictures, texts, fonts as to provide an eye catching design for websites and marketing materials. We read a lot of magazines and newspapers and have you ever wondered the process behind making the same? Each magazine uses specific fonts, colours, photos etc, if you look at websites, each website has a logo and some information on them, all these are graphic designs in the printing and web industries.

What is Graphic Design

If you are looking at graphic designing as a career, it’s an ever growing industry and new trends keep popping up very often. Graphic design is a means to communicate information to people. Graphic designers create designs and prints for a selected group of audience or for a particular company. We see the designers work in our day to day life, you want to order a take away, you grab a menu card of your favourite restaurant and you see all the bright colours and text arranged in a pleasing way to grab your attention, this is what a graphic designer does. In this post you can learn about "What is Graphic Design" and usage in different industries.

What are the best Graphic Design Softwares?

1. Adobe Photoshop is a must learn software for budding and experienced graphic designers. Photoshop was founded in the 80s and it has been perfecting itself ever since. Ofcourse you have the Photoshop creative cloud, but adobe has monetized the users every year, anyways Adobe Photoshop CS6 has all the features which meets the needs of all graphic designers.
2.  Adobe Illustrator is important software for all people who live and breathe graphic design. It allows graphic designers to create vector based graphics which are crucial in the graphic designing. Adobe Creative Cloud provides its subscribes endless amount of art to incorporate in their work.
3. Adobe Flash is a vector graphics and vector animations program released in May 1996. It is a multimedia software used to create content for the adobe platform, such as web applications, games and mobile phone content and embedded devices. It was a vector-based drawing program for pen-based computers.
4. Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. If you are on a budget and cannot buy the illustrator, Inkscape would be your ideal choice. It has some amazing features like clear interface, user friendliness, speed drawings and editing, layer transparency effects, complicated shape drawings etc.

Graphic Design for Branding, Identity design and Logos

Logos are just symbols or typographic names which denotes a company name. If the company becomes very popular then they are easily recognizable by their symbols for eg: the tick mark represents the Nike Company.

Identity designs give a more visual representation of the company. It can be a particular choice of fonts, colours, text message etc. Companies incorporate these designs onto their letterheads, business cards, flyers, brochures etc for brand identity. These identity designs should be consistent and flexible. These identity designs can make or break a company success.
Branding is the process of giving a unique identity for a business. It’s the way people recognize and this helps promote sales. If you want your brand to stay around for a longer term, it’s best to analyze research and spend sufficient time in designing and understanding the target audience. A strong brand helps in luring more customers as businesses face stiff competitions.

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Graphic Design for Web Design Industry

To become a successful graphic designer in the web design industry, one should be able to communicate their thoughts to the art directors of a company. Communication saves a lot of trouble and time. It allows the graphic designers to understand the requirements of a business and they can also explain clearly why a particular layout was selected or even the choice of colours.

Graphic designers need to conduct a thorough research of the company and it’s products, who are their competitors and so on; before creating the company website. It takes a lot of skill and time to become a successful web graphic designer. The internet is totally a different world, so if u want to be a successful graphic designer in the web design industry, it’s important to understand how the web industry works. There are millions of websites on the web, so if you want yours to stand out from the crowd, one needs to make their websites unique and eye catching.

While creating websites, keep the pictures crisp and clear and avoid overcrowding the pages with ads. The important text should be in bold and give apt information, since the time spent by a viewer will only be few seconds. Graphic designers should have an eye for detail and open to feedback, it’s always good if you can self evaluate your work.

Apart from design skills, graphic designers should update themselves on the new technologies like HTML5 and how to build a responsive website which works on all cross platforms and media. The web trends keep changing in a fast pace, so if you want to be ahead in the race, it’s time to update your skills.

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Graphic Design for Printing Industry

All Companies which have a digital presence need banners, posters, letterheads, flyers, business cards, digital prints so graphic designers are always in demand to create unique brands for all kinds of business. Most companies require have different dimensions and sizes for their business cards, so do proper research so you don’t have to rework your layouts. There are many companies offering these graphic design services for printing sectors. When you think of softwares for the printing industry, there are 3 main softwares to be considered Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. These softwares have their own benefits and hiccups.

Adobe Photoshop: If you are looking for amazing background images, you can choose this software to create raster based images. It allows you to create amazing visual designs for your printing requirements. This software doesn’t have any page layout features, so you have to manually calculate the size print designs.
Adobe Illustrator: This software works great for vector based images and provides better results if you happen to work on very small number of pages.
Adobe Indesign: This is a strong desktop publishing tool. If you are looking to print multiple brochures or flyers, this software works best for you. It has many theme based layouts which can be used for multi page designs so printing in bulk becomes easier.
It’s best to keep all the Logos and text information away from the edges of the design, since it may get cut off while being printed.

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What is Graphic Design - Best Graphic Design Softwares and Inspiration Posts What is Graphic Design : Graphic design is the art of mixing pictures, texts, fonts as to provide an eye catching design for websites and marketing materials. We read a lot of magazines and