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22 Stunning Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Carole Feuerman - World Famous Sculptor

50 Super Realistic and Mind-Blowing Human Sculptures
Tag : Sculpture Works20 Jan 2017 SHARE
Realistic Human Sculptures: Human sculptures are mostly used in the Tv and movie industry as models and sometimes even in video gaming industry. These realistic human sculptures can be created from materials such as silicone,...
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22 Stunning Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Carole Feuerman - World Famous Sculptor

22 Stunning Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Carole Feuerman - World Famous Sculptor
Tag : Sculpture Works15 Jan 2017 SHARE
Carole Feuerman is acknowledged as one of America’s major realist sculptors. Her work is in selected collections of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey. Feuerman had her...
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20 Stunning Copper Wall Art Sculptures by Pierre Matter

Copper Wall Art
Tag : Sculpture WorksArt02 Jan 2017 SHARE
Copper Wall Art Sculptures: French artist Pierre Matter is a well known for his stunning copper sculptures. He was born in 1964 and was known to be very restless from school. His highly imaginative mind was put into good use for...
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50 Beautiful Wall Sculptures - Metal Modern and Outdoor Art Sculptures

Wall Sculptures
Tag : Sculpture Works10 Nov 2016 SHARE
Wall Sculptures: Interested in decorated your house with contemporary masterpieces? Have a look at our 50 Beautiful Wall Sculptures - Metal, Modern and Outdoor Art Sculptures, which is sure to fit your every mood. We have some of...
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50 Beautiful Glass Sculpture Ideas and Hand Blown Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculpture
Tag : Sculpture Works12 Oct 2016 SHARE
Studio glass or glass sculpture is the modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. The glass objects created are intended to make a sculptural or decorative statement. On the...
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25 Realistic Wood Sculpture Art works by Giuseppe Rumerio

Wood Sculpture
Tag : Sculpture Works26 Aug 2016 SHARE
Wood Sculpture Art works : As a sculptor I have received the highest certification of "Master Artist." With over 30 years experience, I continue to create new works, both in wood and in bronze. My great passion is...
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26 Beautiful and Creative Garden Sculptures around the world

Garden Sculptures
Tag : Sculpture Works22 Aug 2016 SHARE
Garden sculptures: Most tourist spots and beautiful parks are adorned with garden sculptures as decoration. Some outdoor garden sculptures tell us a story, like for example, Buddha in a meditative state, makes people feel that...
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25 Creative Mash-Ups Of Everyday Objects by Martin Roller - Art and Craft Ideas

Art and Craft Ideas
Tag : Sculpture Works04 Aug 2016 SHARE
Creative Art and Craft Ideas: Martin Roller is a German artist, who can create stunning artworks out of day to day items. He collects everyday discarded items from the streets of Berlin and makes them into surreal and...
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