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30 Breathtaking Extreme Sports Photography examples with Tips Tricks

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Sports Photography

Sports Photography :No matter what the season, there’s always a game, a match, or a meet to photograph. Sports is arguably one of the most exhilarating things to snap on film because it’s a goldmine of moments waiting to be captured. Before you grab your camera and head out to the nearest stadium, check out these tips to maximize your potential for great sports pictures. i hope you like these sports photos captured by great photographers.

Sports Photography

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Sports Photography Tips and Tricks for beginners

1. Freeze the action: Sport is fast paced and exciting. Use a fast shutter speed of at least 1/1000th of a second to freeze the action. This eliminates blurring in your sports images.
2. Shutter lag : One of the biggest problems for budding sports photographers is shutter lag (the delay between pushing the shutter release and the camera actually taking the picture). To remedy this have your finger half pressed on the shutter release and be ready for the action.
3. Know your sport : Be aware of who the favourite 
is, who is likely to win and who isn't. Research which athletes 
react for the best celebration or dejection images.
4. Positioning : Positioning is everything. Try to place yourself square on to the subject ensuring that the action is coming towards you. For example, at school sports days, position yourself at the end of the races to capture the children as they run towards you. The best reaction pictures happen as the kids break the finishing tape at the end of the race and show their joy or despair.
5. Anticipation : Visualise the picture you want to create so that when that moment happens you are ready for the action and can capture your image.
6. Low Angle : Instead of taking your pictures standing up use a lower angle when photographing athletes. A low angle adds power to your images. This is a helpful tip for all types of cameras and lenses including camera phones.
7. Fill the frame : Get as close to the action as you can. Ensure your subject fills the frame. Whether you zoom in as far as your lens allows or you simply take a few steps forward.

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