50 Beautiful Newborn Baby Photography and Photos Tips for Beginners

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New Born Baby Photography

Baby Photos / New born baby photography : It’s amazing to have little babies at home. It makes the parents feel special. People nowadays take baby photos every day from the birth date to make stories and preserve them forever. Newborn baby photography is so much fun, as these babies are so cuddly and everyday they keep changing. There are many professional photographers who focus mainly on pregnancy and new born baby photography. From the womb to the cradle – So the journey unfolds. In this post we have included amazing new born baby photography and baby photos for your inspiration.

New Born Baby Photography

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New Born Baby Photography Tips :

1. While taking baby photos, just be natural. Babies sleeping or yawning is more natural than a pretty looking pose.
2. Sit close to your baby and take pictures, this way you can get some amazing close up shots without much background distractions.
3. Try taking pictures of the babies hair, feet, tiny hands, belly button, all these can be used to create a fantastic story.
4. Turn off the flash from your digital cameras or learn to take pictures in low light conditions. Nowadays the digital cameras don’t require much flash, so you can move your baby to a bright window spot or room and start taking photos.
5. Try different angles while taking photos, babies never lie still, so you can also try to lie down beside him/her and capture some beautiful shots. You can make your baby sit on the floor and take his/her photos while you are standing, sometimes these photos are so original and you will be happy by the end result.
6. Hold your camera button down and it allows you to take 40 0r 50 photos at a stretch as babies are unpredictable and can never lay still. So you might have just captured your favourite photo in those 50 shots.
7. Make fun stories like group pictures of her toys and new clothes. You can also name those toys and small note saying “This was given by your aunty on your bday and you never let go of it”. When she is old enough, it will be great fun going down the memory lane.
8. You can make colourful backgrounds and make your baby lie down there. Just look into your wardrobe, any colourful blankets or mommy’s skirt will do.
9. How much ever you try, it’s difficult to make babies stare at the camera lens for a long time. So make it fun time and take pictures leisurely. Keep your camera ready always and you will know the special moments when you see them. Start shooting immediately.
10. In small family, mostly one person gets to take the pictures and will be missing from all the photos. So try taking selfies with your baby, so you store them for your memory sakes.

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