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With a little enthusiasm and a lot of knowledge, anyone can master the art of sunrise / sunset photography over time. It would like to give readers a head start in taking beautiful photos of the sun that are worth framing or sharing with friends and family. There are a couple of elements that are worth thinking about when it comes to sunrise and sunset photography – the use of objects, timing, focus, creativity, light metering, and clouds and the weather. Firstly, many photographers recommend finding an object apart from the sun to use in their photo. By having an object, such as a tree, a silhouette of a person, a church spire, or some foreground detail, it adds value to the photo and attracts the eye. Some people may want to try getting tree branches in the picture to frame the sun. i hope you like these sunrise photography examples / photos / pictures.


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Sunrise - computer generated images

sunrise picture beautiful ocean sunset wallpaper


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