Top 10 Famous Photography Schools in New York - Photography Classes NYC

Photography Classes NYC

Experience in photography is a good quality in becoming a professional photographer. However, taking the game to the next level requires taking classes. If you’re in the Empire State, you can find a number of New York photography schools where you can study photography in depth. Gaining utmost competitiveness in photography is possible if you’re trained in the best photography schools. The following are some of the top schools in New York where you can sign up and start learning about photography as an art.

Photography Classes NYC

1. Parsons the new school for design - Photography classes NYC

This is one of the oldest arts and design schools in the world, founded by the famous American Impressionist William Merritt Chase in 1896, as a rebellious gesture and with the idea of educating the pioneers of American modernism. Today, apart from various other arts courses, Parsons the New School for Design has a great four-year Photography Programme. The four-year BFA in Photography program offers students the opportunity to create multiple bodies of work influenced by film, design, fine art, video, and sound.
Address: Parsons Paris, 45 rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris, France, +33 (0),


2. The New York institute of Photography - Photography classes NYC

This is a photography school that has it all – tradition (it was established in 1910 by a French immigrant Emile Brunel), reputation, cutting edge and versatility. The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) has five exciting photography courses:NYIP complete course in professional photography,Photoshop for photographers,The complete course in video-making and storytelling,Marketing for photographers,The fundamentals of digital photography.
New York Institute of Photography, 192 Lexington, Suite 701, New York, NY 10016, Phone: 1 800-583-1736, Email:


3. Yale School of Fine Art - Photography classes NYC

The Yale School of Art—one of the 12 schools which make up Yale University — is frequently listed as one of the best places to learn photography in the entire country…if you can get accepted of course.If you do achieve a hallowed place at Yale, however, expect an incredibly rigorous degree program which—upon graduation—will afford the photographer instant respect wherever he or she goes. The school only offers one program: an MA in Photography. As a result, an undergraduate degree is a prerequisite before applying.


4. New York Film Academy - Photography classes NYC

The NYFA photography school is notable for the intensive nature of its course programs, favoring a more hands-on approach through which students frequently get out into the field with industry grade cameras. While one of the (comparatively) younger schools on the list, the New York Film Academy has already produced some acclaimed photographers such as Melvin Sokolsky and Stephane Sednaoui.


5. Brooks Institute - Photography Classes NYC

Brooks Institute focuses on hiring faculty that have real-world experience, such as the former senior photo editor at National Geographic, Clio award-winners, and photographers with clients like Nike and Cover Girl. Though Brooks is most known for commercial photography, it offers a range of visual arts degrees in videojournalism, graphic design, fine art photography, and more.


6. School of Visual Arts - Photography classes NYC

SVA has various art degrees ranging from Art Criticism to Filmmaking. SVA really bloomed as a photography school in 2007 when the MPS (Masters in Digital Photography) began under the care of photography powerhouse Katrin Eismann. It is an intensive and rigorous one-year program with a focus on real-world application. SVA was the first program to be 100% digital.


7. School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Photography Classes NYC

SAIC covers a wide range of media as well as the study of photography, including fashion, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, and just about everything else which falls under the umbrella of “the arts.” Spread across three main campus buildings and incorporating a number of museums in downtown Chicago, SAIC has been frequently heralded as one of the most influential art institutions on the plant (and has a pool of notable alumni to back this up).


8. International Center of Photography - Photography classes NYC

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is the world’s leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms.Founded in 1974, the International Center of Photography (ICP) is both a museum and one of the largest schools of photography in the world.


9. PhotoUno Photography School - Photography Classes NYC

Whether you’re new to your camera and are looking to learn the basics of photography, or you’re more advanced and are looking to put together a portfolio, PhotoUno’s classes cater to any skill level.


10. Briarcliffe College - Photography Classes NYC

Founded in 1966, Briarcliffe College is a smaller college that extends a wide array of courses, particularly focusing in preparing students for the business industry. The college does not have any photography only course, but it does have the Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design courses that also include required photography classes. Designing is at its core the business aspect of photography since a professional can work in advertising fields.

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Top 10 Famous Photography Schools in New York - Photography Classes NYC Experience in photography is a good quality in becoming a professional photographer. However, taking the game to the next level requires taking classes. If you’re in the Empire State, you can