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Indian Art gallery G exhibiting the original paintings of Legend Raja Ravi Varma

The original artworks of masters like Raja Ravi Varma, C Raja Raja Varma, Abanindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy and Binod Behari Mukherjee are being showcased by the Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation at their gallery in Bengaluru.

Mythical Character Illustration and Digital Paintings by Kerem Beyit

Mythical Character Illustration and  Digital Paintings by Kerem Beyit
Digital art: Kerem Beyit is a freelance digital artist from Turkey. As a child he loved comics and Sci-Fi and even to this date his digital art illustrations have a strong connection towards them. He is mostly inspired by dragons and mythical creatures with great powers. He builds a total new world with his digital art illustrations which are a joy to watch. He enjoys concept design and loves to work on Photoshop. He started his career as a graphic designer, but his heart was not in that job. He started his first series as...

Indian Artist Vignesh Rajs Thirukkural based painting won a Tamilnadu State Award

Vignesh Raj said art is a way of life; he can’t describe the thrill when he finish an art and see his hard work come to him. This Coimbatore based artist was the only one from his city to have recently won a state award issued by the International Institute of Tamil Studies, for his untitled painting based on the Thirukkural. Out of 465 entries, only 15 were selected. He honourably shares this victory with the artists like M Raja and Jemenne selva. Now the winning paintings are exhibited at the gallery of the...

Banksy’s Painting Sold for 14 M Euros for Covid-19 health workers

A Banksy painting depicting a young boy playing with a superhero nurse doll has raised more than £16m for an NHS charity after being sold at auction. Christie's said the hammer price of £14.4m for the 1m (3ft) x 1m work was a "world auction record" for a Banksy. Including a buyer's premium, the purchaser paid £16.8m. Christie's said it would be donating "a significant portion" of its premium, meaning a total of "more than £16m" would go to Southampton...

Stylish and Funny 3D Cartoon Models by Christian J Liquid

Stylish and Funny 3D Cartoon Models by Christian J Liquid
Stylish 3D model characters by Christian J Liquid are pretty interesting. The stylizations and emotions have been perfectly captured by Christian Liquid. He is a freelance 3d model artist and illustrator from Norway. He is open for customized 3d model characterization. The name of the 3d model series is "Stylized" and focuses on pop culture. Diamond studded teeth, toothful grins are some of the highlights of the 3d model series. Smile is the prominent feature in these 3d models. 3d model boy on truck by christian...

Insanely Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Still Life Paintings by Tim Gustard1

Insanely Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Still Life Paintings by Tim Gustard1
The acrylic still life paintings of Tim Gustard seem to have been inspired after the Dutch masters. Tim Gustard graduated with a B.A(hons) in fine art from the Stoke City Art School. Initially he was painting landscapes and architectures. Later on he found a passion for oil painting and still life paintings. Since 1980, he has been experimenting his style papers, canvas and mixed media. His acrylic still life paintings are small, yet stunningly composed. His acrylic still life paintings are highly photo realistic. According...

Creative Branding Design and Logo Design Process of BeApi by Grapheine

Creative Branding Design and Logo Design Process of BeApi by Grapheine
InVivo, the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives created visual brand identity for Be Api which aims at becoming the leader in precision farming in France. Be Api comes out with solutions for farmers problems and popularises percision farming as a method of production in 21st century. Digital advancement and the availability of resources improves the output with less consumption of energy. The spread of brand identity of Be Api will help in bringing large number of farmer under one group. The basis of precision...

Intricate tattoo art designs of German illustrator Diego Andrade1

Intricate tattoo art designs of German illustrator Diego Andrade1
Tattoo art designs moved into the realm of being a fashion accessory for both men and women. If art is to challenge viewers - to make a statement or alter one's perceptions then tattoos can be considered as art. Tattoo art designs are applied for decoration now-a-days but olden days they were done for religious significance or as a status symbol. Diego Andrade is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in Mexico. The concept and creation of each tattoo of Diego Andrade are absolutely beautiful with fine details. Tattoos...

North Korean oil painting exhibition meets with Chinese people despite the closed borders due to Covid-19

An exhibition of North Korean portrait and landscape oil paintings has been displayed at the Shanxi Art Museum in the North since Chinese people are purchasing them as investments. More than 300 oil paintings from three generations of North Korean painters are on display at the exhibition. Gu Xinxia, the curator of the exhibition, recommended the works of Kim Chang-sung. Kim's paintings reflect a milestone in the nationalization of North Korean oil paintings, Gu said. Kim's landscape painting at the exhibition...

Pride of K C Sivasankaran Artist of Indian comic book Chandamama and Ambulimama

Pride of K C Sivasankaran Artist of Indian comic book Chandamama and Ambulimama
The last of the living artists of comic book CHANDAMAMA, Shri KC SIVASANKAR, breathed his last on 29th September 2020, in Chennai. He was 97. Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Sivasankaran (otherwise called KC Sivasankaran, Artist Sankar), (19 July 1924 – 29 September 2020) was an Indian craftsman who principally added to the Indian Language magazine, Chandamama (otherwise called Ambulimama). Sankar was the craftsman behind the mark painting of the Vikram and Vetala arrangement, included in Chandamama. He was the last...

Worlds largest canvas painting Journey of Humanity sells for $62million in Dubai

An artwork created from the world's largest canvas painting has sold for $62 million in Dubai, the second most expensive painting sold at auction by a living artist. The original painting, "The Journey of Humanity" by British artist Sacha Jafri, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest art canvas. This massive artwork was created by him to raise money for children affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Painted on one large canvas on the ballroom floor of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai over seven months...

Nikon updated Snapbridge app with full camera control and intuitive UI

Nikon updated Snapbridge app with full camera control and intuitive UI
 Nikon has updated snapbridge app with an easy to use interface and introduced new features which can register up to five devices and full manual control of select cameras. Nikon snapbridge is an app that can be installed on certain Android and Apple iOS smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. The app enables you to use the camera's bluetooth wireless technology to connect your D3400 to your smart device. The photos can be transferred to the device for viewing or easy uploading to your favorite social media...

20 Amazing Woman Portrait Photos that will inspire you from 500px Photography contest

20 Amazing Woman Portrait Photos that will inspire you from 500px Photography contest
500px, a photography community, was conducted a photography contest on theme woman portrait photography (powerful, emotional, and/or dramatic portraits of women) to celebrate international women’s day. The woman portraiture submission started on March 8, 2020 and ended on March 31, 2020. The winner of this contest received the prize of $300 from 500px. Mr Zenad Zivanovic was selected as the winner of this contest. Many congratulations to him. If you are interested to participate in a photography contest like this,...

Enormous vulva sculpture in Brazil inciting controversy

The Prize for the most controversial public sculpture 2021 has been claimed by a newly installed 33m high concrete crimson vulva in Brazil.

Painting Techniques meet Sculptures by Madrid artist Mercedes Vincente

The artist Mercedes Vicente took her painting technique and sculpts it improvised shapes with spiral twisted ribbons of fabric that look like whims of Nature.

Best Award Winning Photos from Nokia Photography of the year 2020 Contest

The Australian photography contest is in its eighth year now, the largest of its kind for amateur photographers in Australasia and for 2020 had a prize pool valued at more than $30,000.

Top 20 Shortlisted Photos of the National Parks Photography Competition

Among 3000 entries, the top 20 stunning photographs were selected as winners of the first-ever annual Nature's Best Photography National Parks Photo competition. Canadian photographer, Thomas Vijayan's incredible action shot of two grizzly bear siblings having a friendly fight at the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska made the final 20 top images. One image taken by photographer, Brian Wright of San Diego, California, showed the star trails over the Chesler Park Hiking Trail, Canyonlands National Park,...

The 10 Expensive Jean Michel Basquait Scribble Artworks sold at auction

Graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is regarded as one of the world’s most successful street artists, and one of the most successful African-American artists. His career spanned barely 10 years but Jean-Michel Basquiat remains one of the most influential and important contemporary artists today. His street art-style paintings can fetch up to nine-figure sums and his collectors include Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. Here, we list Basquiat’s...
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