10 Amazing Hand Painting Illusions by Ray Massey and Annie Ralli

10 Amazing Hand Painting Illusions by Ray Massey and Annie Ralli

Paintings : London-based photographer Ray Massey teamed up with a talented body painter Annie Ralli to transform hands into architecture, sport scenes and other deceiving objects. These incredible hand illusions are a part of advertising campaign for Ecclesiastical Insurance, a niche insurance company using the byline “You’re in good hands”. Annie says that body painting is meticulous work which needs to be carried out at speed because paint is less stable on a living, moving base. Nevertheless, she finds the work fun and the results beautiful. “Body painting is a skill I perfected working with stills photographers,” says Annie, who is also a former BBC scenic artist. Her impressive hand paintings reminds me of the work of Guido Daniele who also turns hands into architecture, animals or anything you could imagine.
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