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International Perspective Photography Constest by Mgphoto - 30 June 2018

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Photography Contest

Photography Contest : The world we look from the sky is totally different from when see from ground. Photographers who have another vision or have another perspective vision of their photographs, can apply for this contest. This contest is open to all emerging and professional photographers worldwide. Myslenice Photographic group(mg photo) is holding the 14th international photographic contest and the theme is 'Other Perspectives'. Photographers can choose any category as long as they submit the photos for theme 'Other Perspectives'. A maximum of 3 photos can be submitted by the participants, along with a little description.

Photography Contest

The photos can be submitted via email:

or through the facebook page

The photos should be in the jpeg file format and shouldn't be more than 1600 pixels.

According to Konkursy mgphoto,"The world seen from the height of the eyes has become too trivial, common boring ... sometimes it is enough to change the perspective, the angle of view and the interpretation habits. This contest is designed mainly for those who have the courage to write a topic on the other hand draw from another barrel"


- Modular photographic and film slider with drive,
- large photo bag from OPTECH POLAND Marek Kosiba -
- Diploma
- Thermal mug with the mgfoto Contest logo.
- jubilee album "10 years mgFoto"
- publication of the winning photo and author's description in "Gazeta Myslenicka".

Another perspective photography by james mcllveenanother perspective photography by james mcllveen Another perspective photography by saurabh gauranother perspective photography by saurabh gaur Another perspective photography by kevin benedictanother perspective photography by kevin benedict Another perspective photography by scott randallanother perspective photography by scott randall

Another perspective photography by photoartanother perspective photography by photoart Another perspective photography by camila matelunaanother perspective photography by camila mateluna Another perspective photography by bill ratcliffanother perspective photography by bill ratcliff Another perspective photography by j fariaanother perspective photography by j faria Another perspective photography by jimmyanother perspective photography by jimmy Another perspective photography by ramy maaloufanother perspective photography by ramy maalouf

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