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30 Controversial MF Hussain Paintings - Most Famous Indian Artist

MF Hussain Paintings
MF Hussain Paintings : India's best known 'art maestro' Maqbool Fida Husain popular know as MF Hussain is one of India's most charmistic artist who had redefined art to a great extent. According to the Forbes magazine he was...
PaintingsArt17 Sep 2015
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25 Mind Blowing Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels

25 Mind Blowing Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels
The sole purpose of my work is to tempt people to dream. There is nothing I love more than to move my audience to ecstasy by allowing them a peek into my fantasy. Christiane Vleugels is a talented Traditional Artist from...
PaintingsArt15 Sep 2015
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50 Beautiful Boris Vallejo Paintings for your inspiration

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo is an American painter, immigrated to the United States in 1964, and he currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He frequently works with Julie Bell, his wife, painter, and model. ( boris vallejo artwork, boris...
PaintingsArt11 Sep 2015
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25 Beautiful and Stunning Fantasy Art works for your inspiration

Fantasy Art
Fantasy Art: This art allows artists to bring out their whimsical characters alive digitally. Fantasy art is a separate art movement which has been in existence for many centuries. Some say, fantasy art started amongst the folk...
PaintingsArt21 Aug 2015
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20 Awesome Celebrity Portraits made of Scribbles by Vince Low

Scribbles or Scribbling Art : These pieces of celebrity portraits were actually an experimental execution for this campaign I did for the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia. The doodling treatment was not the main idea but I wanted...
PaintingsArt04 Aug 2015
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35 Mind-Blowing Illusion Paintings by Oleg Shuplyak - Find Hidden Figures

35 Mind-Blowing Illusion Paintings by Oleg Shuplyak - Find Hidden Figures
Illusion Art: Seeing double? Hidden inside these remarkable oil Paintings by Oleg Shuplyak lies a second layer of mind-blowing optical illusions. Behind carefully placed objects, characters, colouring and shadows, the Ukrainian...
PaintingsArt03 Aug 2015
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25 Beautiful Rajasthani Paintings - Style of Traditional Indian Paintings

Rajasthani Paintings
Rajasthani paintings: Radhe Krishna paintings are quite prominent in Rajasthani paintings. Rajasthani paintings started around 16th - 19th century in western India. Ever wondered how the Rajput kings and queens looked like and...
PaintingsArt29 Jul 2015
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30 Beautiful Art Wallpapers for your desktop - Painting Wallpapers

Art Wallpaper
Art Wallpaper : Who said paintings are meant to be on canvas? Take a look at the amazing art wallpaper in our beautiful collection of painting wallpapers. You can also own a Picasso and painting wallpapers from other professional...
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