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Design your own attractive logos with AI powered web app - Logopony

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Logopony is an online web app powered with AI which makes it easier and faster to create flat logos for startups. Logo creators usually have randomly matched fonts and colours but logopony will ensure you receive professional and quality suggestions for your logos. There are 3 main key points why it is different from the competition: fully editable logo templates, more than 150,000 shapes to choose from and easy to use yet very powerful editing tools. It is completely HTML5/JS/Canvas based app, no flash. Using the power of artificial intelligence you can design awesome and unique logos with your own ideas.

Design your own attractive logos with AI powered web app - Logopony

The user needs to enter the name of their business first and then the tool will generate random collection of logo options. You need to choose the colour, font size and icons for the logo and at the end the tool generates the logo as per the options given by the user. Once the logo is selected it can be previewed by the user. Creating an account with Logopony allows you to explore and create multiple logos without the need to pay. Logopony has 2 pricing plans – Basic which is $19 & Premium which is $49. Depending on the features you want, be it a logo on a white background, one on a transparent background, a logo with Web quality of 300px or one having 960px, you can choose the plan that suits you best.

Logopony logo designing webapp1-logopony-logo-designing-webapp Logopony logo designing webapp2-logopony-logo-designing-webapp Logopony logo designing webapp3-logopony-logo-designing-webapp Logopony logo designing webapp4-logopony-logo-designing-webapp


Logopony logo designing webapp5-logopony-logo-designing-webapp

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