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How to Draw Anime Tutorial with Beautiful Anime Character Drawings

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How To Draw Anime

How to draw Anime: Anime drawings are mostly used in Japanese comics or better known as manga. Anime drawing is a favourite among young and the old. In this post we are going to see how to draw anime characters from the comfort of your homes. If you are beginner trying to learn anime drawing, start with squares, circles and rectangles. I know it sounds funny, but once you perfect them, you will understand that anime characters are created with just circles, lines, squares. Once you are happy with result try to draw something every day. Improvise on angle drawing. Remember a cube, it has even sides, if you keep it farther away from you, it looks smaller and when you go near it looks bigger. Try drawing cylinders and cubes at different angles producing a 3d effect. In fact this will help you to draw complex anime characters in the long run. Learn the basic anatomy of people as most of the anime drawings are based on real human characters.

How to draw anime

Now that you have mastered angle drawings, it’s time to shade them. Shading makes a normal cylinder look like a 3 dimensional cylinder. One needs to understand the light effect on objects; the thumb rule is objects closer to the light source are lighter compared to the other parts. These lights often show the weather conditions. For eg: anime drawings on s sunny day will have sharper shadows and large amounts of contrast compared to a foggy day, since the shadows will be blurry. Once you have mastered the shading, it’s time add more life to your anime characters by using colours effectively. In this post we added male and female anime drawings (eyes, hair and body tutorial)

How to draw anime male head

how to draw anime laira87 how to draw anime

How to draw anime female head

how to draw anime

How to draw anime female face

how to draw anime

how to draw anime how to draw anime character anime drawing anime drawing anime drawing

How to draw anime - aging process

anime drawing female anime drawing child anime drawing female anime drawing boy anime drawing male anime drawings

How to draw different anime characters

anime characters drawing

How to draw anime characters with different hair styles

female anime drawing hair anime drawing Anime female hair by styrbjorna -deviantart draw anime female hair draw anime male hair draw anime girl hair draw anime male hair draw anime hair draw anime hair draw anime hair draw anime hair draw anime hair how to draw female anime anime drawings eyes

How to draw anime character eyes

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