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Colorful Grid Game using Color Palette by Estudio Victor Aleman

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If you love dominoes game, then you will certainly enjoy this new grid game developed by Estudio Victor Aleman. This colorful grid game turns into an amazing piece of art, every time you move one piece of grid. The idea of the game is not to allow the other players take your colors, you can block your colors using black grids. So it's time to put away your gadgets and play this amazing game. It's a brain teasing game and improves your concentration skills. The grid is a colorful board game which follow the same rules of dominoes, but creates beautiful patterns, when we start playing them. This game can be played by 2 to 10 players and it's a mix of puzzle and strategy game.

Colorful Grid Game using Color Palette by Estudio Victor Aleman

The game consists of 88 hexagonal tiles, each made of three diamond-shaped faces. Visually, each piece looks like a 2D representation of a cube. The tiles are made from six varieties of color, plus some black tiles.

Rules to play:

1. Based on the number of players, some tiles are distributed to the players.
2. Based on the color and height, the tiles have to be matched.
3. Block with black tiles to restrict movement
4. The game continues till no one can make another move and the winner is first one who has used all his tiles.

The starter edition of this game starts at $30 and the full version costs $55. The starter edition has 50 tiles, 5 colors and up to 5 players can enjoy this game. In the full version you have 88 tiles, 6 colors and up to 11 players can participate. The more the merrier and you can create beautiful color patterns. Since these color pallette puzzles are made from wood, it's easy to handle and a great travel game. The color grid game comes with a grid carry bag, color tray, where you can stretch your challenges. The color tray has a pre set pattern and it's molded in such a way, so you can place the blocks to create patterns and win.

A creative and colorful board game turns into a mesmerizing piece of art on your table every time you play it. - IF YOU MISSED THE CAMPAIGN WAIT A FEW HOURS, WE WILL HAVE A PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN BUTTON SOON!

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