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25 DreamLike and Glamour Fashion Photography examples by Andrey Yakovlev

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Dreamlike Fashion Photography

Andrey Yakovlev : My passion is creating things, bringing them forth into the world—to change it, but also to change our perception of it. Whereas some seek to explain the world, to measure and document it finitely, I try to mystify it, lower its resolution, inhibit understanding, and evoke a sense of wonder through which imagination may flourish. I’m a self-proclaimed artist, designer, and musician, and am currently studying towards a professional architecture degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Miles Aldridge : A fiercely original photographer, He is best known for the technicolor dream-like worlds he creates and the glamorous, beautiful women who inhabit them. Aldridge creates ultra-cinematic images, drawing inspiration from film directors such as David Lynch and Derek Jarman as well as the psychedelic graphic design of his father, Alan Aldridge.

Dreamlike Fashion Photography

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Photography by Miles Aldridge:

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