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Art Competition

Art Competitions: We have the latest collection of Art contests, painting competitions from around the world. If you have a passion for art, you can showcase your talent by submitting the pictures of your artworks online. Most of the painting contests have a standard procedure, you need to register yourselves in the given website and pay a small fee as premium to upload images. Some of the art competitions like 3D Drawing, 3D Painting, Street Art, Digital Art, Body Painting, Caricatures, Sculptures, you will have create them in specific locations and in public spaces. This is a lot of fun, since these kind of art contests have many programs like music festival, fun and frolic for people of all ages and size. Bookmark this page to get regular Art Contest updates.

Art Competition

Poster Art and Design Contest by London Transport Museum - 16 July 2018poster art and design contest by london transport museum - 16 july 2018

The Association of Illustrators in association with London Transport Museum conducts the poster prize for illustration to bring out the glory of the age old design legacy of London. London Transport Museum has over 5000 posters and artworks by famous artists including Man Ray, Laura Knight and Edward McKnight Kauffer which is one of the best graphic collection in the world. The competition is open to illustrators and students of illustration throughout the world. The top 100 winners get an opportunity to display their artworks in the exhibition at London Transport Museum which will be running from February to summer 2019. The shortlisted images also get a chance to be featured on merchandise sold in London Transport Museum and online shops.

Artists are expected to visually explain the familiar or not much known narrative in a single image. The imaginations should be around the city of London, its vibrant colourful and inspiring stories. The theme of the competition is London Stories which can be a filmy one or can be a poetry or music or read from literature. It can also be a family anecdote or an inspiration from your everyday observation around the city.

Deadline : July 16 2018

Theme : London Stories

Prizes :

  • First prize: £2,000 and feature of the winning image on a London Transport Museum poster to be displayed on the London Underground
  • Second prize: £1,000
  • Third prize: £750

There will be a special public vote Museum Collection Prize, the details of it to be announced when the exhibition opens.

Poster prize for illustrationposter prize for illustration Poster prize for illustrationposter prize for illustration Poster prize for illustrationposter prize for illustration

Poster prize for illustrationposter prize for illustration Poster prize for illustrationposter prize for illustration

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