Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by German artist Jessica Janik

Jessica Janik is a freelance watercolor artist and illustrator from Dresden, Germany. She is very young, yet multi talented. She has a strong brush hand, we absolutely love the details, smudging effect and the bright visuals which makes us linger back towards her watercolor paintings. Most of the colors used by jj are purple, blue and various hues of pink and blue. Her landscape watercolor paintings seem so realistic, when it's held up before you, it easily blends with surrounding , making you feel the presence of nature. She is open for commissioned works and you can also purchase her works online through etsy. Currently she is on a six month long australian tour, so if you want to catch up with her, you know where to find her. You can also check out her speed watercolor painting by clicking the below link.

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by German artist Jessica Janik

Australia watercolor painting by jessica janik1-australia-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Elephant watercolor painting by jessica janik2-elephant-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Purple dream watercolor painting by jessica janik3-purple-dream-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Rainy day watercolor painting by jessica janik4-rainy-day-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Woods watercolor painting by jessica janik5-woods-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Earth watercolor painting by jessica janik6-earth-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Sky high watercolor painting by jessica janik7-sky-high-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik

Hide watercolor painting by jessica janik8-hide-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Walk watercolor painting by jessica janik9-walk-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik Wind watercolor painting by jessica janik10-wind-watercolor-painting-by-jessica-janik

Watch her watercolor painting

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