Top 10 Renowned Kerala Mural Artists and their Paintings

Top Kerala Mural Painting Artists

An ideal souvenir to be treasured for a lifetime, Kerala murals are a symbol of natural beauty and grace, elegance and simplicity, and pious devotion. It is this humility that helps this art form overcome the ravages of civilization and time. Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication the artists have to their art. The temples and palaces of Kerala are all a visual treat wherein the sagas of ancient Hindu Gods and Goddesses unfold. The murals of Kerala evolved through the significant influences of ancient Dravidian rituals like Kalamezhuthu and Patayani. The murals of Kerala are unparalleled in their subtlety, sharpness and ethereal beauty. Here we have listed the top 10 Kerala mural artists and their mural paintings.

Top Kerala Mural Painting Artists

1. Manikandan Punnakkal - Palakkad

Manikandan Punnakkal is one of the renowned mural painting artists in Kerala. He is well known both nationally and internationally. His Kerala mural paintings are rich with Indian culture.
Address: Palakkad
Phone No: +91 9447224129
Website: Manikandan Punnakkal

Beautiful keral mural painting shiva god by manikandan punnakkalbeautiful keral mural painting shiva god by manikandan punnakkal Stunning kerala mural art anandhi by manikandan punnakkalstunning kerala mural art anandhi Beautiful keral mural painting god ganesh by manikandan punnakkalbeautiful keral mural painting god ganesh by manikandan punnakkal Beautiful keral mural painting krishna radha by manikandan punnakkalbeautiful keral mural painting krishna radha by manikandan punnakkal

Renowned mural artist manikandan punnakkalrenowned mural artist manikandan punnakkal


2. Vishnu P Vikraman - Puthenvelikara

He graduated from the Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady with a degree in fine arts. In this college, mural painting is one of the main subjects. He also holds a degree in MFA Mural from the Visva Bharathi University, Santiniketan
Address : Panikkassery (H), Puthenvelikara P.O, Kerala 683594
Phone No : +91 8281088756 +91 7907672453
Website : Vishnu P Vikraman

Kerala mural artist vishnu p vikramankerala mural artist vishnu p vikraman Mural painting parakeets by vishnu p vikramanmural painting parakeets


3. Saji Aroor - Arroor

Saji, a quite popular for his mural paintings in Kerala temples, vases, pots, and other materials. He and his daughter duo plan to sell their paintings and the funds will be used for the chief minister's relief fund during the COVID-19
Address: Aroor, Kerala
Website: Saji

Artist saji kerala mural paintingartist saji kerala mural painting Indian folk art mural painting by saji aroorindian folk art mural painting


4. Babeesh Anela - Calicut

He is a traditional mural artist currently living and working from Trivandrum. He studied at Guruvayoor Devaswom Institute of Mural Painting
Address: Calicut, Kerala
Phone No : +91 70251 67500
Website : Babeesh Anela

Famous kerala mural artist babeesh anelafamous kerala mural artist babeesh anela Traditional kerala mural painting by babeesh anilatraditional kerala mural painting


5. PK Sadanandan - Thrissur

Sadanandan is one of the most famous mural painting artist from Kerala whose works are characterised by exuberant styles. The reviving of mural paintings of over 3000 square feet in Sree Padmanabaswamy temple in Trivandrum is one of his important feet. He has also restored the Biblical themes over 400 square feet in churches. The predominant usage of blue colour in his murals is unique as traditional Kerala mural style uses red as principal colour. Sadanandan's mural art has fetched him worldwide recognition and has received All Kerala Creative Artists Association's award for his works.
Address: Pulickal house, shine road m g kavu via Thrissur, Kerala 680 581
Phone No: +91 9880333101

Kerala mural artist pk sadanandankerala mural artist pk sadanandan Lotus on the wall by thrissur artist pk sadanandanlotus on the wall


6. Prince Thonnakkal - Trivandrum

Prince Thonnakkal has wide exposure to Kerala mural paintings in the form of state-level and national-level exhibitions and has participated in many remarkable festivals like SAARC festival Trivandrum(1992), National contemporary, traditional folk and tribal exhibition New Delhi (1993), 'Ravi Varma Cithrolsavam' Trivandrum (1995), Natyagramam Thonnakkal (1996), Guruvayoor Devaswom (1997), All Kerala Mural Painting Exhibition and Camp, Yuvakalasahithi Koottuparampu (1998), 'PanchaVarnna', exhibited at Museum Art Gallery, Trivandrum (1998). He completed his 5 year National Diploma in Traditional Mural Painting from the Institute of Mural Painting, Guruvayur Devaswom.

Address: Midhila Murals, Shangrila, Highway gardens,16th Mile Stone, Thonnakkal.P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala
Phone No: +91 95390 77179

Famous kerala mural artist prince thonnakkalfamous kerala mural artist prince thonnakkal Indian folk art keral mural art gajendra moksham by prince indian folk art keral mural art gajendra moksham


7. Vipin Irrity - Kasargod

Vipin Irrity is a freelance Kerala mural painting artist n=bawed in Kerala. Vipin is currently working as a creative artist in Vipin Art Gallery in Kerala. Interior art of mural paintings has always fascinated Vipin from his childhood and hence he has taken up the paintings as his career. Vipin specialises in interior art and all kinds of artworks using oil, acrylic and watercolour paints.

Address: Vipi art gallery, Nh-17 cheruvathur Kasargod, Kerala
Phone No: +91 9645048058
Website: Facebook

Famous kerala mural artist vipin irrityfamous kerala mural artist vipin irrity Beautiful kerala mural painting by vipin irittybeautiful kerala mural painting


8. Naveen Bhaskaran - Thrissur

The traditional art of Kerala mural paintings has been the fascination of young artist Naveen Bhaskaran. Naveen has a first-class Diploma in mural painting from the Institute of mural painting, Guruvayoor Devaswom. He has exhibited his art in various exhibitions such as state exhibition at Ernakulam, Thrissur and Guruvayur. His works depict the integral grace of the age-old traditional art of Kerala mural painting.

Address: Naveen Bhaskaran Pookottil Perakam P.O. Thrissur District, Kerala 680506
Phone No: +91 93871 08517

Kerala mural artist naveen bhaskarankerala mural artist naveen bhaskaran Beautiful kerala mural painting lakshmi narayanan by artist naveenbeautiful kerala mural painting lakshmi narayanan


9. Sreeraj VP - Kottayam

Kerala mural paintings of Sreeraj Vp is noted for his creativity and the traditional touch of art. He has done painting on Hindu goddess and gods with fineness and excellent finishing. As all other works of this genre, Sreeraj's mural paintings also carry the traditional grace and uniqueness that solely belong to Kerala's state. Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication Sreeraj has towards his art.

Address: Vayalil(H) Chengalam East P O, Anickadu, Kottayam - 686 585
Phone No: +91 98955 95880
Website: Facebook

Renowned kerala muralist sreeraj vprenowned kerala muralist sreeraj vp Stunning kerala mural painting by artist sreeraj vpstunning kerala mural painting


10. V R Krishnan - Palakkad

V R Krishnan a young and talented Kerala mural painting artist finds it his moral obligation as an artist to preserve the traditional art of the state. He has completed a Fine Arts Diploma certificate in Mural Painting under Canada-India Institutional co-operation Project (CIICP). With his wide experience in co-working the professional works with eminent mural artists, in the cities of Coimbatore Nagarcoil, Thiruvananthapuram etc. he has gained a lot of experience. He has also worked at the temple of arts at Guruvayur which also adds to his experience in learning the art.

Address: Krishnan V.R, Vadakkedath,Chembra - 679304 Thiruvegappura (Via) Palakkad (Dt) Kerala, India.
Phone No : +91 9895370150

Famous kerala muralist vr krishnanfamous kerala muralist vr krishnan Beautiful kerala mural painting by vr krishnanbeautiful kerala mural painting


11. Midhila Murals - Trivandrum

As part of promoting the Traditional Art of Kerala Mural Paintings, we have ventured into the business of Exporting and Selling Murals in and out of India. Our works are the exclusive works of Renowned Mural Artist Prince Thonnakka. Kerala murals are known for their emphasis on beauty, clarity and symmetry. Murals were used to depict religious and mythological stories, and predominantly in temples.
Address : Shangrila, Highway gardens, 16th Mile Stone, Thonnakkal.P.O,Trivandrum, Kerala ,India
Phone No : +91 95390 77179
Website : Midhila Murals

Kerala mural painting kathakali by midhila muralskerala mural painting kathakali by midhila murals

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Top 10 Renowned Kerala Mural Artists and their Paintings An ideal souvenir to be treasured for a lifetime, Kerala murals are a symbol of natural beauty and grace, elegance and simplicity, and pious devotion. It is this humility that helps this art form