15 Hilarious and Surreal Animal Paintings and Artworks by Bill Mayers

Surreal Paintings : Bill Mayers is an extra ordinarily talented artist from Georgia. His surreal paintings and illustration paintings can be found on many international magazine covers, US Postage Stamps, packaging designs, editorials and many more. Bill Mayer's fantasy creatures, characters are the most sought after in USA. Bill Mayer has won several international awards for his stunning surreal painting artworks. In this stunning collection of surreal paintings, we can see that he has fused wildlife creatures into royalty. We can rhinos, possums being turned into Major general and warriors. The craziest drawing is of a frog wearing a royal dress, bouquet of teeth instead of flowers and so on. Each of his surreal paintings is unique to it's character and we are so impressed by the detailing works on them. According to Bill Mayers,"For me, the most important element of the painting is the concept. The medium you use is just a way of furthering that original concept or finding some elements that add an intelligence to the work. Most of the time I start with small thumbnails which help me sort out the basic visual, a starting place. It probably comes from years of commercial work where you have to show your ideas before you start on a piece… Sometimes I will pull a piece of acetate over a painting and try to figure out what was bothering me and try a few things. Sometimes I will scan them in and use Photoshop, try some things, then go back and paint that way".

15 Hilarious and Surreal Animal Paintings and Artworks by Bill Mayers

frog by bill mayerssurreal painting surreal painting flower ladysurreal painting ibissurreal painting warriorsurreal painting warrior ratsurreal painting rat crowsurreal painting crow

possumsurreal painting Surreal paintingsurreal painting Surreal paintings teeth bouquetsurreal painting Surreal paintings winter musesurreal paintings Surreal artwork soldiersurreal painting soldier tortoisesurreal artwork tortoise lady greysurreal artwork lady rabbit rhinosurreal artwork rabbit

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