Bold and Flashy Surreal Artworks by Gabriel Wickbold

The artist Gabriel Wickbold uses bold and expressive ways to showcase his artworks. His passion for colors and photography have set him in a creative thinking spree and we absolutely love his journey with colors. Our body is made up of innumerable cells, likewise his paintings and artworks have a innumerable cells, all put together to form a disillusioned portraits of people. The subjects in his artworks have either rugged faces or they are portrayed as a blast of ions of colors. Sometimes he is cruel enough to pour a bucket full of bright color paints on a person and the resultant photograph with the subjects emotions is priceless. He didn't go through mainstream photography lessons, everyday is a new journey as he feels it's all about the emotion and composition which is important. When he is not busy throwing buckets of paint on people, he enjoys his musical band and part time tv broadcasting too.

Bold and Flashy Surreal Artworks by Gabriel Wickbold

Artwork banana eyes by gabriel wickboldartwork banana eyes Artwork bananas by gabriel wickboldartwork bananas Artwork blast color by gabriel wickboldartwork blast color Artwork blue hair by gabriel wickboldartwork blue hair Artwork butterfly by gabriel wickboldartwork butterfly Artwork color face by gabriel wickboldartwork color face Artwork dandelions by gabriel wickboldartwork dandelions

Artwork i am light by gabriel wickboldartwork i am light Artwork light flash by gabriel wickboldartwork light flash Artwork light man by gabriel wickboldartwork light man Artwork trigo by gabriel wickboldartwork trigo

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