Beautiful Miniature 3D Street Art works and Wood Cut outs by Joe Iurato

Street Art : Joe Iurato is a multi talented artist from California. The love of aerosol and stencils on wood which are naturally found in the environment makes it an interesting piece of art. He uses the public spaces quite wisely and the placement of his 3D street art makes it even more interesting. A couple climb up the stairs from a stain and you have a large boy staring down at them. His 3d street art is a visual treat for the eyes. He draws inspiration from the surrounding environment and the resulting art is mind blowing. According to Joe Iurato's biography,"Each individual work of art highlights the potential for interaction and storytelling within public space and transforms common land/cityscapes into carefully crafted scenes". Before leaving his installation behind, he documents it through photographs and they have interesting stories to offer. His black and white street art of little children is quite interesting and we can see they are all in a jovial mood.

Beautiful Miniature 3D Street Art works and Wood Cut outs by Joe Iurato

street art by joe Iurato1-street-art-by-joe-Iurato street art by joe Iurato2-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato3-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato4-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato5-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato6-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato7-street-art-by-joe-Iurato

Street art by joe Iurato8-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato9-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato10-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato11-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato12-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato13-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato14-street-art-by-joe-Iurato Street art by joe Iurato15-street-art-by-joe-Iurato

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