40 Beautiful and Realistic Portrait Drawings for your inspiration

Portrait Drawing

Realistic portrait drawings : In order to create a two dimensional or three dimensional picture, artists use graphite as an instrument for various kinds of portrait drawings, landscape drawings and many more. When you have a look at these portrait drawings you will be wondering if it's a photograph or a drawing that you are looking. The artists have provided every detail and colour to make it a realistic portrait drawing. To make a beautiful portrait drawing, it's important to get the shape of the face and eyes right, else you will be looking at a monster or an alien staring back at you from your sketch book. Make sure the proportions for the face is right, if you are using a photograph for reference, draw circles on the photos and repeat them back on your sketch book and make sure the measurements are just about right. Artists generally use circles and triangles to draw a face. Use lines to measure how far the chin and nose are placed towards the jawline. Once you master this, sketching is an easy part. Now lets create portrait drawings like these professionals.

Portrait Drawing

Portrait drawing woman by maryjaneportrait drawing woman Pencil portrait drawing girl by maryjanepencil portrait drawing girl Portrait drawing by maryjaneportrait drawing Pencil portrait drawing girl by maryjanepencil portrait drawing girl Portrait paintingportrait drawing Portrait painting by luis sanchezportrait drawing Portrait drawing by dirk dzimirskyportrait drawing

portrait drawing portrait drawing pencil portrait pencil drawing emma portrait drawing portrait drawing Portrait drawing by nicktheartistportrait drawing Portrait painting angelina jolie by sikoianportrait drawing angelina jolie sikoian Portrait painting angelina jolieportrait drawing angelina jolie Portrait painting oshoportrait drawing osho Portrait drawing by caiusaugustusportrait drawing Pencil portrait drawing woman by maryjanepencil portrait drawing woman


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