The Ultimate body to survive any kind of road accident - Graham Sculpture

'Graham' is a sculpture created by Melbourne artist Patricia Piccinini alongwith Melbourne Hospital trauma surgeon, Christian Kenfield. 'Graham' has thebody to survive any road accident. He was created as a model for safety campaign in Australia. 'Graham' is made of fibreglass, silicone, resin and human hair and is kept for display at the State library of Victoria till August 8th 2016.  The face is definitely an eyesore, but the body is created to withstand anykind of accidents. 'Graham' will be travelling around the country to deliver this message to the public, "You haven't got what I've got and if you drive safely, you won't need it", according to Seven Network.

The Ultimate body to survive any kind of road accident - Graham Sculpture

graham safety sculpturegraham safety campaign sculpture

"The head has a much bigger skull so it acts like a bicycle helmet. Graham actually has no neck, he has no cervical spine that can be fractured in a whiplash injury. "These ribs are super ribs absorbing much more of the force," said Trauma Surgeon, Christian Kenfield. "He's not patronising, he's not imposing, he's open to us and the eyes are where the work is. It's where you can really connect with him and empathize. If he was aggressive or belligerent or sort of patronizing we wouldn't be able to do that. He's very Australian, I think," said sculptor Patricia Piccinini.

graham road accident sculpture

graham legs sculpture

'Graham' brain is similar to a human brain, but his skull is compartively larger to store more fluid and extra ligaments to protect the head during anycollision. The skull acts more like a helmet.

graham brain sculpture graham skull sculpturegraham foot bones sculpture

'Graham' doesn't have any neck, has several air bags on chest and stomach. It also features a flat face to protect the face during any kind of collision.

graham backbone sculpture

graham face sculpturegraham knees sculpture

'Graham' has extra layers of skin, to withstand any kind of collision.

graham extra skin sculpture

Around the world, many people die due to accidents, so Australia's experts have identified the perfect body to survive any kind of accident. Let's hope the message gets across and people drive safely. 

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