Wild Life Photography

30 Beautiful Peacock Photos and White Peacock Pictures

Peacock Photos
Peacock photos: Peacock is the national bird of India and it's one of the most colourful and stunning birds in the world. There is a myth that when a peacock opens it's feathers, it's bound to rain. Well even if it doesn't rain, it's fascinating to see a peacock with its open feathers. You might have come across many peacock...

80 Best Award Winning Wildlife Photography examples from around the world

Wildlife Photography
Wildlife Photography or Animal Photography : The name of the game in wildlife photography or Animal Photography whether you’re trying to capture a herd of elephants on the Serengeti Plains or butterflies in your backyard is patience. Wild animals are going to do what they’re going to do. Unfortunately, you can’t...

25 Most Beautiful Macro Photography examples for your inspiration and tips for beginners

Macro Photography
We have added most beautiful macro photos & photography tips for beginners. Macro Photography is the one of the most photography clicks around the world. Even the tiniest insect can be made very large to the human eyes by using macro photography. The subject should be very close to the lens if one requires a perfect shot. For...

20 Best Award Winning Photos from Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest

Comedy Wildlife Photography
Looking at the funny side of the animal kingdom, the awards are focussed to conserve wildlife through competition. Themed at the comical side of the animals these photography contests are held by institutions like the National Geographic and the London's Natural History Museum.The silliness of the animals are best enjoyed and...

25 Most Beautiful Bird Photography examples and Tips for photographers

Bird photography
We have added most beautiful bird photos and bird photography tips for beginners. Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature and wildlife photography. This should come as no surprise since birding is one of the world’s most popular pastimes! Bird photography is also a very challenging endeavor, requiring...

Humming Bird Photography - Best Photos from Melanie Barboni and David Leninson

Humming Bird Photography
Humming Bird Photography: UCLA researcher who studies about volcanoes and eruptions has another passion and that is humming birds. Even as a child she loved hummingbirds and now she has raised a 200 strong community of hummingbirds near her office. She is also known by another name - The Hummingbird Whisperer. These hummingbirds are...

50 National Geographic Photos - Award Winning Photography Examples

National Geographic Photos
Every year National geographic conducts photography contests to motivate the amateur and professional wild life photographers. We have collected some of the best entries for the national geographic photos contest for your inspiration. These national geographic photos exhibit the photographer’s visual imagination and their...
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