Beautiful Drawings and Colorful illustrations from World Sleep Day series

A bunch of artists got together and created a theme around forests and sleep and the end result is a beautiful set of digital illustrations and drawings which are too adorable. According to the artists,"In order to satisfy our beautiful imagination, we have drawn the picture in our minds. We turned ourselves into small animals and enjoyed the comfort and satisfaction of sleeping in the woods on the floating islands". The paintings and drawings make great motifs on t-shirts. Did you know that there is a day which is dedicated to sleep? March 21st is the official World Sleep Day. In this busy world, people don't pay attention to their health and sleep. March 21st is also the World Forest Day. So on March 21st, make sure you head to the forest and sleep. Just kidding guys. Check out more of these illustrations on social media.

Beautiful Drawings and Colorful illustrations from World Sleep Day series

painting cat eechenpainting cat eechen painting art pig sleep by sharynpainting art pig sleep art drawing panda sleep by pizhangart drawing panda sleep Illustration painting animal sleepillustration painting animal sleep Drawing art sleep by zhentoudrawing art sleep by zhentou Drawing art sleep by jokewavesdrawing art sleep by jokewaves Drawing art sleep by jennywudrawing art sleep by jennywu

Drawing art crocodile by greenerzdrawing art crocodile by greenerz Drawing art rabbit sleep by pollyannacaodrawing art rabbit sleep by pollyannacao Drawing art cat sleep by cindydrawing art cat sleep by cindy Painting dino by elaine sodapainting dino Painting fox by pollyanna caopainting foxPainting panda by yiranpainting panda

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