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The Mural Painting or artwork dates back to the times beyond the pages of history. It is a form of valuable testimony of life from the prehistoric period to today. It is associated with Modern man, who first appeared in Africa around 200,000 BC and began migrating northwards into Europe and Asia sometime after 100,000 BC. From the cave paintings at Lascaux Grottoes in southern France to Bhimbetka Cave painting in India to the street art murals of today, people have been leaving signs of their own existence in many places around the world.
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Ekaterina Busygina is an Architectural Photographer based in Russia who loves to travel around the world and capture the beauty of urban architecture. Ekaterina believes that the skyscrapers enforce a new look on the city. Her photo series "Kaleidoscope on the 8 hills" focuses on Hong Kong and illustrates its magnificent skyscrapers which act as silent guards for the always hurry packed city. According to her, so much beauty is missed when you walk by - just a glance to notice the tall buildings is needed to admire your surroundings. Ekaterina's travel to Macau, popularly called Chinese Las Vegas, resulted in the photo series which brings out the unique heritage of this historical fishing village. Since the city had settlements of Portuguese in the 16th century it is a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Ekaterina describes Macau as a city found in novels surrounded by green parks. The collection of her jaw-dropping architectural photography works are shared below for you to enjoy.
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