Drawing the Portrait: How to Draw a Face Step by Step

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This section we put our drawing skills on high note and start our first step towards your professional level or Sati factional level. This article delves into each feature of the face in depth and in detail. Drawing is a skill that just about anyone can learn. There are some easy steps to complete first portrait tutorial. We follow basic steps which lead you slowly and steady.

Drawing the Portrait: How to Draw a Face Step by Step

Step 1 : Start drawing with an egg-like shape, whose chin go in.
Step 2 : Eyes must be look like almond but curvier and eyelashes must be long.
Step 3 : Two lines for the length of the nose, the round "ball" at the tip of the nose, and the nostrils. The nose is made of these simple shapes.
Step 4 : To draw mouth make a bowl-shaped figure for the bottom lip, and a shape like a volcano for the top.
Step 5 : Eyebrows. They should be thin, because it's a girl. if the person is angry, make them curve.
Step 6 : For ears we have to make curvy slightly up at the top
Step 7 : The hair is pretty much easy part of this drawing in which you just have to remember to have it fill in most of the space above the eyes and rest of the face part behind ears.
Step 8 : To draw neck you just have to make strong curvy pillar base for your face.




Author of this Portrait is "Brain Duey" - see his facebook profile here

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