25 Beautiful and Mind Blowing Oil Paintings by Peregrine Heathcote

25 Beautiful and Mind Blowing Oil Paintings by Peregrine Heathcote

Peregrine Heathcote was the youngest ever student of Heatherly College of Art in London. Aged just 8, he attended holiday classes in printmaking and drawing. On his return to the Berkshire prep school he regaled his fellow class mates with the stories of his holiday experiences. When he saw their faces, his chest filled with bravura as his recounted drawing a beautiful naked girl on an old mattress. Son of an Antiques dealer specializing in militaria , he was brought up in a house by the Thames crammed fill with uniforms in glass cases , swords, canons and relics from various historic sea and land battles, more like a museum than a home. Instead of the usual Disney merchandise, on Peregrine's childhood bedroom walls hung fabrics from the far and middle east, the room was dominated by an ornate large brass studded tea chest and was decorated with a collection of hats from around the world.

peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(68) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(67) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(70) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(36) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(64) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(31) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(61) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(65) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(40) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(39) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(34) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(38) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(35) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(33) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(37) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(62) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(66) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(32) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(85) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(83) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(63) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(82) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(81) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(89) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(84) peregrine-heathcote-oil-paintings-realistic-retro(69)

www.PeregrineHeathcote.com or www.NewburyFineArts.com . For those who wish to purchase an original there will be a show for the whole of September at the Albemarle Gallery, London, one in January at the Bonner David Gallery, one in February at Newbury Fine Arts in Boston and another at the Cavalier Galleries Greenwich CT. in June and July.

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