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20 Beautiful illustrations and Caricatures by Daniel Adel

Daniel Adel graduated from Dartmouth College in 1984 with a degree in Art History. He continued his studies at the National Academy of Design, and at the Hunter College MFA program in New York City. While developing his own work, his commissioned projects have been featured in the pages of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times, among others. His work has also appeared on the covers of many magazines in the States and abroad, including The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsweek, and Time, for whom he painted the Man of the Year cover in 2004. He has also been commissioned to paint the Managing Editor of Time and the Editors-in-Chief of Der Spiegel and Vanity Fair.

20 Beautiful illustrations and Caricatures by Daniel Adel

In 2001 Mr. Adel’s paintings appeared in the Lincoln Center production of “Ten Unknowns” by Jon Robin Baitz, starring Donald Sutherland.

Mr. Adel has been exhibiting his paintings in New York City since 1989. He has been represented by Arcadia Fine Arts in SoHo since 2001 where he has had four one-man shows, most recently in December, 2009.

Mr. Adel has also painted commissioned portraits for such clients as Union Pacific, Notre Dame, The College of William and Mary, The New York Stock Exchange, The New York State Court of Appeals, as well as for numerous private clients. Visit his website

paintings illustration caricature George W Bush Time cover

paintings illustration caricature Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidtpaintings illustration caricature Daniel Adel Oil Portraits George Bush (4)paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Election Cover TIME

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Hillarys Friends Playboy

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Sandbox Buddies

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Jim Carrey Contemplating the Bust of Jim Carrey

paintings illustration caricature Change v Change New York Times

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-The Osbournes TV Guide

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-UncleSam
paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Uncle Barack Der Spiegel

paintings illustration caricature Alda and Clown AARP

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel- What

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Sexy Santa V Fair Christmas Cardpaintings illustration caricature Daniel Adel Oil Portraits (3)

paintings illustration caricature Daniel Adel Oil Portraits (6)


paintings illustration caricature Daniel Adel Oil Portraits-Obama (9)

paintings illustration caricature Doc Barack Newsweek

paintings illustration caricature Daniel-Adel-Updated Self Portrait

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