Fotr app prints every photo you take in your IOS phones

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If you are passionate about photography then you will love this latest app Fotr. This app is more like a camera, you have to buy the digital film and snap pictures. Once you take the pictures using the Fotr app, the pictures will be developed and shipped to your address within 10 days. This app will print all your pictures, so before taking any crappy shot, you might want to think twice about. The app is free to download, but you will have to pay for the digital film. You can choose from 24 or 36 frames while choosing a frame. After using the Fotr app, let's say that users will start developing a photographic eye.
fotr app photography ios “Today people take near-infinite numbers of photos. They end up stored on a hard drives and nobody has enough time to go through all of them. We wanted to make them tangible,” Ondrej Loudil, Fotr’s founder explains. “You can forget about the tons of unseen photos with Fotr: the app will print all the pictures you take. No exceptions.”
fotr app photography ios fotr app photography ios You can choose the size of your photos, from standard size 6*4" or little bigger 7*5". You also have the option to choose from color or black and white prints. Printing the pictures is not free, it ranges from $17 - $35, which is inclusive of shipping, packing and VAT. “Many professional photographers recommend getting an analogue camera to improve your photography skills,” continues Ondrej. “Film is expensive, so it makes you think before you take a picture.”

Fotr app prints every photo you take in your IOS phones

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