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60 Beautiful and Easy Henna Mehndi Designs for every occasion

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Mehndi Designs

Henna mehndi designs : Coloring hands, legs with henna paste or mehndi is a popular practice in India,Pakistan and Arabian countries. Ladies adorn themselves with artistic mehndi designs for every occasion like marriage, party or even wear them to office. Different types of mehndi is available like red henna,black henna, glitter, stones. Variety of colors are used to decorate the mehandi designs or you can just go for the traditional ones. Every hand looks amazing with mehndi and currently there is a craze for mehndi in foreign countries like America, UK. They wear them as temporary tattoos. Here are a collection of the 25 Beautiful mehndi designs for every occasion.

Mehndi Designs

25 Beautiful Bridal Mehndi designs ideas for you
bridal mehndi designs simple

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Mehndi design krishna full hand41-mehndi-design-krishna-full-hand Mehndi design photo by shailesh42-mehndi-design-photo-by-shailesh Mehndi design idea full hand43-mehndi-design-idea-full-hand Mehndi design full hand44-mehndi-design-full-hand

Mehndi design hand front back46-mehndi-design-hand-front-back Mehndi design full hand45-mehndi-design-full-hand Mehndi design full hand47-mehndi-design-full-hand Mehndi design full hand by azul48-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-azul Mehndi design full hand by costa49-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-costa Mehndi design full hand by yelapa50-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-yelapa Mehndi design full hand photo by shailesh51-mehndi-design-full-hand-photo-by-shailesh Mehndi design krishna full hand52-mehndi-design-krishna-full-hand Mehndi design by joshi53-mehndi-design-by-joshi Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal54-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal55-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal56-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal57-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal58-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal59-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal60-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal Mehndi design full hand by harin dalal61-mehndi-design-full-hand-by-harin-dalal

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