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40 Beautiful Ice Sculptures from Ice Festivals around the world

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Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures : It is a form of sculpture that uses ice as raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract / realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime. The lifetime of a sculpture is determined primarily by the temperature of its environment, a sculpture can last from mere minutes to possibly months. There are several famous ice festivals held around the world, hosting competitions of ice sculpture carving. In this post we added beautiful ice scultpures around the world.

Ice sculptures

Cupid ice sculpturecupid ice sculpture ice sculptures woman ice sculptures woman ice sculptures

ice sculptures swan ice sculptures swan ice sculptures swan ice sculpture swan ice sculpture eagle ice sculptures ice sculptures eiffel tower ice sculptures bike ice sculpture motor bike ice sculptures castle ice sculpture castle ice sculpture china castle ice sculpture china temple big ice sculpturebig ice sculpture Bigger ice sculpture womanbigger ice sculpture woman Star wars ice sculpture festivalstar wars ice sculpture festival

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