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Sweden welcomes visitors to witness stunning Ice Sculptures at IceHotel

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Sculpture: Every year Sweden invites artists to sculptures of ice in it's Icehotel, which can be used by visitors. The icehotel has 35 suites and this year 36 artists from 16 different countries have designed the rooms. The artists who work on the bed sculptures have no prior experience in working on ice. This year we have stunning bed sculptures of Queen of the North, which a holds a bed in it's long hands. To build this icehotel, 30k cubic meters of snow and ice was used and for the ice sculptures 500 tons of clear ice was used. IceHotel reopens every year with new sculptures, since during summer the ice melts away. The icehotel is available for booking from December 2017 till March 2018. You can enjoy the view of the colorful northern lights from outside the hotel. According to Icehotel,"This is the world’s first IceHotel, situated in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden approximately 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. IceHotel was founded in 1989 and is an art exhibition and hotel made of natural ice and snow from one of Europe’s last wild rivers". During summer parts of the icehotel melts away to form the torne river.

Sweden welcomes visitors to witness stunning Ice Sculptures at IceHotel

Queen of north ice sculpture by emilie steelequeen of north ice sculpture Astronauts ice sculpture by adrian bois pabloastronauts ice sculpture Icy snails ice sculpture by ulrika tallvingicy snails ice sculpture Rabbit ice sculpture by annasofiarabbit ice sculpture

King kong ice sculpture by lkhagvadorj Dorjsurenking kong ice sculpture Leaf impression ice sculpture by nina kauppileaf impression ice sculpture

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