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Top 10 Best Graphic Design Apps and Tools for Designers

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Graphic Design App

Free graphic design apps on Android makes the lives of graphic designers very comfortable. We have included some of the most popular and free graphic design apps which is a must for all smart phone users. If you have a smartphone which has a big screen like more than 7" then you must try the Graphics for layers, F.R. which was developed by InneractStudio LLC. In this app, you have fantasy creature outlines, dragons, fairies, human figures and faces, knights, wizards, landscapes, scenery, and so on. Using this Fantasy Realms free edition, you can export the images into your tablet or phablet, create stunning fairies, dragons using the line art graphics. If you are looking for amazing tutorials, then you should try the Graphic Design Tools developed by the SEOFix Fiverr. This app offers 13 hd tutorials which shows you how to use the Gimp, Paint . net and Picmonkey graphic design tools. Apart from this you can also learn to make 3D covers and learn color grading in photoshop. Have a look at the amazing free graphic design apps, which is a must for amateur or professional graphic designers.

Graphic Design App

1. Adobe Capture CC - Graphic Design App

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