3D Movie Ghostbusters is not a sequel, but seems to be a mess

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3D Movie Ghostbusters(2016) which was quite popular in 1984 is not a sequel. It contains a lot of supernatural characters and is a 3D comedy movie. This movie is directed by Paul Fieg and stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and many others. It's all about ghost catching in New York City. Ghostbusters(2016) is all set to release nationwide on July 15th 2016.


In the United States and Canada, Ghostbusters is projected to gross $38–49 million in its opening weekend from 3,950 theaters. 

Rating :          PG13 (for supernatural action and some crude humor)
Genre :          Action & Adventure , Comedy , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Written By:    Paul Feig , Katie Dippold
In Theaters:  Jul 15, 2016 wide
Runtime:       105 minutes
Studio:           Sony Picture

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Watch the trailer here

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3D Movie Ghostbusters is not a sequel, but seems to be a mess
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