25 Clever Comic Art works and Funny Drawings by Shanghai Tango

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Comic Art: Shanghai Tango is a freelance artist from China. His illustrations are quite simple and they use the everyday objects, but projected in a hilarious note. Remember the last time you cleaned a water dispenser? How did Daschund dogs evolev? Well, they ate a long bone and the result was daschund dogs. How were dinosaurs created? A snake ate a large pig and the result was a huge dinosaur. Most of his comic art works are based on penguins, cats, dogs and other animals which are illustrated in a funny way. You need to look twice to understand the humor behind some of these comic art. Tango's real name is Gao Youjun and he graduated from Tsinghua University witha degree in art and & design. He mostly works in the advertising sector and is known to own his own agency. Tango is a popular funny cartoonist in the chinese social network. It all started when his friend suggested to open an account in Weibo and Tango was immediately hooked on to the internet. Enjoy the comic illustrations by Shanghai Tango and be amazed.

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