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Experience the 9th Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival on 25 October 2016

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The world is getting ready for the amazing 9th edition of Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival which is to be held for 6 days in October, 2016. No matter what kind of fan you are of animation, this festival has got something for everyone. According to their website,"Brace yourself for a dazzling showcase of the world’s best animated shorts and features, matched with fine presentations, workshops and zany parties. Immerse yourself in absolute animation frenzy and take part in this warm celebration of all that is animation".

Experience the 9th Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival on 25 October 2016

klik animation festival amsterdam 2016

You can buy your tickets
On the last day of the festuval, there are numerous programmes scheduled for children. You can find exciting drawing contests, animated short stories, art and crafts, so if you buy an unlimited pass, you enjoy the six day's programs and all screenings and can also enjoy the after party, which is snazzy as it's name 'Klik! Klik! Boom!, which is on Saturday.

Winner of 2015:

No more short film entries are allowed for this year, since the selection list for 2016 is already out. Here are the selected animated short films. Apart from the animated shorts, you can find screenings for animated music videos, animated documentaries, political animated shorts, Dutch panorama, animated shorts for kids, Funny & Trippy toons and so on. For the complete list,

song of the sea animation film oxygen animated short film filthy but fine animated short film

my dear gnome animated short film


Animated Shorts:

Hobart (Hajnalka Harsanyi, Hungary, 2015)

My Dear Gnome (Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, France, 2015)

Schirkoa (Ishan Shukla, India, 2016)

MANOMAN (Simon Cartwright, United Kingdom, 2015)
By the Name of Boston (Grant Kolton, United States, 2015)
This is not an animation (Federico Kempke, Canada, Mexico, 2016)
The Aeronauts (Leon Fernandez, Mexico, 2016)
The Garden of Delights (Alejandro Caballero, Mexico, 2016)
The Cats (Alejandro Rios, Mexico, 2016)
To Build a Fire(Fx Goby, France, 2016)
He Who Has Two Souls(Fabrice Luang-Vija, France, 2015)
Cold Coffee (Francois Leroy, Stephanie Lansaque, France, 2015)
Without Sugar (Marion Auvin, France, Belgium, 2015)
The Clitoris (Lori Malepart-Traversy, Canada, 201
Decorado (Alberto Vazquez, Spain, France, 2016)
A town called panic: the noise of the grey (Aubier Stephane, Patar Vincent, France, Belgium, 2016)
Jukai (Lissot Gabrielle,France,2016)
The Follies of M (Dashiell Silva, United Kingdom, 2016)
Look-See (Daniel Savage, United States, 2016)
Gyros Dance (Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc, Poland, 2016)
First Snow (Lenka Ivancikova,Czech Republic, 2015)
Au revoir Balthazar (Rafael Sommerhalder, Switzerland, 2016)
The Walker (Chollet Thibault,France,2016)
Once Upon a Line (Alicja Jasina, United States, 2016)
Foregin Body (Marta Magnuska, Poland, 2016)
Race (Yan Dan, Yan Dan Wong, Wong, United Kingdom, 2016)
Spider web (Natalia Chernysheva, Russia, 2016)
Child Dream (Christophe GERARD, France, 2015)
Beast! (Pieter Coudyzer, Belgium, 2016)
Summer Camp Island (Julia Pott, United States, 2016)
Filthy but Fine (Arthur Metcalf, United States, 2015)
Party (Daniel Barany, Hungary, 2015)
Home Sweet Home (Evelyne du Bois, The Netherlands, 2016)
My Father's Project (Rosaria Ferreira, Brazil, 2016)
The Urban Fox (Joanna Hepworth, United Kingdom, 2015)
Endgame (Phil Mulloy, United Kingdom, 2015)
The Empty (Dahee Jeong, France, 2016)
Dawn (Alisa Pravotorova, Russia, 2015)
Down by love (JOSE CORRAL, Spain, 2016)
VIDEO 69 (Ingo Raschka, United States, 2016)
Cthupid (Giovanni Braggio, Italy, 2016)
Corner (Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia, 2016)
Cowboyland(David Stumpf, Slovakia, 2015)
In The Distance (Florian Grolig, Germany, 2015)
Fixed Fairy Tales: The Princess and the Pea (Daniel Baxter, Davor Bujakovic, Junaid Chundrigar, The Netherlands, United States, 2015)
Bamboo Temple Street (Baoying Bilgeri, Germany, 2015)
The Inspector and the Umbrella (Mael Gourmelen, France, 2016)
Moroshka (Polina Minchenok, Russia, 2015)
Aport (Denis Voronin, Russia, 2016)
Amelia & Duarte (Mónica Santos, Alice Guimaraes, Portugal, Germany, 2015)
Malgrin Debotte, The Story of The Boy With Magic Moles (Clarisse Valeix, Morgane Marinos, Cindy Kinadjian, Claire Brodelle, France, 2016)
The Wild Boar(Bella Szederkenyi, Germany, France, Hungary, 2016)
Wildfire (Shang Zhang, Arnaud Tribout, Valentin Stoll, Nicole Stafford, Pierre Pinon, Hugues Opter, France, 2015)

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