50 Best Futuristic 3D Robot Models and Character Design inspiration

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3D Robot Models

Salvo Brullo : I always enjoyed drawing as a child when I watched a lot of cartoons. I started with Computer graphic when I had an Amiga 500; after much time spent on 2D graphics I began to learn 3d independently, attracted by the possibility of giving life to things that doesn't exist. I worked as webdesigner and 2D/3D graphic. In this post we have included salvo brullo's 3d models and other rendering for your inspiration.

3D Robot Models

3d model robot space knight tekkaman by salvo brullo3d model robot space knight tekkaman 3d model robot by salvo brullo3d model robot 3d ads robot by salvo brullo3d ads robot 3d model alien by salvo brullo3d model alien 3d model robot grendizer by salvo brullo3d model robot grendizer 3d model manga satan by salvo brullo3d model manga satan 3d render classic phone by salvo brullo3d render classic phone Alien zbrush model by salvo brulloalien zbrush model 3d gundam illumination by salvo brullo3d gundam illumination 3d model evil grendizer by salvo brullo3d model evil grendizer 3d model robot gundam by salvo brullo3d model robot gundam 3d character lobo by salvo brullo3d character lobo 3d model baby lobo cartoon3d model baby lobo cartoon
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