25 Realistic 3D Models and Character Designs for your inspiration

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3D Models

3D Models design by PIOTR RUSNARCZYK: Based in Warsaw, Poland, Piotr Rusnarczyk is a Freelance senior Character Artists, working in the game Industry for over 6 years. Piotr has worked with many clients including PCF (Epic Games Poland), Flying Wild Hog. Curently working as Character Artist in one man company Sexy Polygons. My involvement with 3D graphics started in 1998. I was still a student and had just landed my first job in a graphic project studio. There I learned a couple of programs that I use to this day. Zbrush , Maya, Modo, Photoshop are my everyday working tools. For six years I had been working as a Senior Character Artist in game development studio People Can Fly (Epic Games Poland) .

3D Models

Futuristic 3d model design by piotr rusnarczykfuturistic 3d model design Futuristic 3d model design by piotr rusnarczykfuturistic 3d model design Futuristic 3d model design by piotr rusnarczykfuturistic 3d model design Flower girl 3d model design by piotr rusnarczykflower girl 3d model design 3d models 3d models 3d models 3d models woman 3d models 3d models

3d models design by Yuzijiang 3d models 3d model woman 3d model chinese 3d model kid 3d model baby

Other Inspiring 3d models 3d models 3d model girl 3d model opera

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