Compare your Website Speed using this Free Tool - Duoload

It's very easy to test two websites simultaneously for their performance on your browser, just use this free tool - Duoload. Just type in the website addresses for both the sites and you can see which parts load faster or slower. You can also browse simultaneously on both the sites. It's quite an interesting tool for website designers to check their website speed.If you are looking to check out the loading progression of two sites simultaneously, this is the best tool on the internet. A website loading time is most crucial for catching the attention span of visitors and also in it's long term use and websites rankings differ on Google based on such website speed performances. The loading process of both websites is with one button 'Go'. You can find all the source code for free on GitHub to download a copy and even host it yourself. This lets you edit the app to include any changes to the JavaScript for tracking load times, large HTTP assets, and even adding a 3rd website pane into the mix. 

Compare your Website Speed using this Free Tool - Duoload

Try the Duoload Tool here :

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