25 Creative Resume Designs that will make you rethink your CV

In today’s job market, recruiters are placing more emphasis on job seeker personalities depicted on social media profiles and creative resume enhancers than they are single sheet summary of their careers. The vehicles for the presentation of the resume are changing, so why call for traditional resumes at all? Here are four reasons recruiters should stop accepting traditional resumes and instead focus their attention on the social job search when looking for new talent.

25 Creative Resume Designs that will make you rethink your CV

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1. Better Representation of Candidates: The most obvious benefit to recruiting candidates socially is that their social media profiles are a better overall representation of their personal brand. The components of a traditional resume only give the recruiter a slice of job seeker’s personal brand. While savvy job seekers have learned to enhance their resumes with video or infographics, recruiters still get a better idea of who they’re pursuing by navigating social media profiles.
2. Social Media Shows Creativity: When it comes to social networking and job search, creativity thrives. The CNN article mentioned above gives a wonderful example of a creative use of the social media site Pinterest as a resume. Rachael King, a community engagement professional for Adobe, created the “living resume,” which is a collection of high points in her career. The living resume provides King a visual representation of the work she’s done that’s much more exciting to sift through than bulleted list on a resume. Tumblr is another visual social media site ideal for photographers and artists looking for jobs.

3. Makes Candidates Three-Dimensional: Traditional resumes squash job seekers into a two-dimensional list of objectives, education, experience and honors. Most recruiters can’t count how many times they’ve been thrilled by a resume, only to be disappointed by the candidate who comes to interview. Social media, especially tools like YouTube and Vimeo that incorporate video, allow job seekers to jump from the page and present themselves three-dimensionally, giving recruiters a first glance at who they’re really bringing in for an interview.

4. Demonstrates Social Media Fluency: Utilizing social media sites to interact with customers isn’t the only integration of social media employers are using in their business mix. More and more employers are embracing social media to engage employees internally. Because new hires are such an expensive business investment, recruiters who work for employers who use social media internally should treat social media fluency much like a required skill in a job posting.

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