Still life painting tutorial video with Quinces

A new still life painting, finally ! Have had a very busy period with my open studio weekends...

I got these quinces from a german customer. They let me pick them from the tree myself. I set up my still life with a halogen spot light. The fill light is a mix of cool and warm fluorescent light, same color as on the easel. You can see me holding up my phone to the painting now and then. I was using a light meter app to see if I had enough light on the painting (maybe move lights closer to the easel). In my day light setup I have about 150-200 lux. Here I had 110 or so. But that's enough. If it gets much lower than that, I can't see enough color, so I usually check first.

The movie was taken on 4 consecutive days. This one took quite long, about 15 hours. Using Old Holland oil paint and graham walnut alkyd medium, mixed with linseed oil...

I had some problems with the gain of the webcam, but I managed to correct this half way or so.

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