Color Tattoo Art ideas with Funny Cartoon characters by Eden Kozo

Eden Kozo @ kozo tattoo is a tattoo artist from Israel. He is quite talented and popular for his multi colored tattoo art. Last supper scene with cartoon characters is one of the unique funny tattoos created by the talented Eden Kozo(kozo tattoo). His tattoo art is inspired from popular cartoons, comic strips and more. His tattoo portraits are something of the extra-ordinary, he is quite creative with different themes like surrealism, 3d, funny and more. He was born in Qiryat Ono, Israel and currently lives and works from USA. His tattoo portraits are minimalistic and realistic.

Color Tattoo Art ideas with Funny Cartoon characters by Eden Kozo

Tattoo funny tired by eden kozotattoo funny tired Tattoo funny monalisa by eden kozotattoo funny monalisa Tattoo funny kiss by eden kozotattoo funny kiss Tattoo art sunrise by eden kozotattoo art sunrise Tattoo art spiderman by eden kozotattoo art spiderman Tattoo funny simpsons by eden kozotattoo funny simpsons Tattoo art portrait man by eden kozotattoo art portrait man

Tattoo funny rick morty by eden kozotattoo funny rick morty Tattoo funny pulp fiction by eden kozotattoo funny pulp fiction Tattoo art james bond by eden kozotattoo art james bond Tattoo funny cartoons by eden kozotattoo funny cartoons Tattoo funny comics by eden kozotattoo funny comics Tattoo portrait cowboy by eden kozotattoo portrait cowboy Tattoo art dancer by eden kozotattoo art dancer Tattoo portrait joker by eden kozotattoo portrait joker Tattoo art harry potter by eden kozotattoo art harry potter Tattoo art ignorance by eden kozotattoo art ignorance Tattoo art miss you by eden kozotattoo art miss you Tattoo art up by eden kozotattoo art up

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